Jay Saif - Love Me No More [Freestyle] [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jay Saif
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Niggas say I changed
Like I'm tryna stay the same
Rather see u stay in pain
So they stay entertained
Niggas get so hyped up over little Philly fame
I promise whatever picture U tryna paint
I'll tear it out the frame
I'm 24
Kobe year, Watch me score
If it's beef? I'm dinosaur, a carnivore
The Art of War, Don't start a war, a warrior
Low key wit the hammer, like I'm thor
I ain't no killa but don't push me
Don't get it twisted imma veteran
U fuckin' wit them rookies
Lookie, niggas overlooked me
Underrated and I'm faded, Tainted
Niggas jaded, I ain't goin nowhere
I'm like Kobe traded
Shawty wasn't ridin' right
Because I ain't never had nun'
She the type to wait until I'm buzzin'
Now I'm handsome
Hold me for the money
Like she 'napped a nigga, ransom
All she'll really ever do is chase me
Cuz I ran some
Where the real queens?
Whores? All they did was ran hoods
Nowadays these bitches give up pussy like it's canned goods
Niggas? I don't trust 'em, Fuck 'em
Focus on the hustle, from the muscle
Flip them fuckin scripts, just like my nigga dan would
Same hustle, different product
The only script I'm flippin' is these raps I'm tryna profit
Off of , not narcotics
That be pushing off in the projects
The only object I plan to push
Is myself and the side shit
You focused on shorty
You still gettin banged on
You looking for side chicks
And ain't even gotta main jawn
All ya raps shitty like u do in plain draws
U gotta tape wit 15 versions of the same song
I'm super flames
All u rappers keep on reminding me
Ain't no shock to me if I'm the prodigy
In the prophecy of this hiphopcracy
You cawny rappers make a mockery
I'mma be probably in philosophy as great as Socrates
Ain't no stopping me, honestly who can u find as hot as me?
Ain't no toppin me, everything I do I own, monopoly
Niggas copy me, Either that or they just wanna follow me
Lyrical exercise
Look at me just burning all these calories
Don't get it twisted, I been a piston
That will single handedly kill u wit the glove that belonged to OJ Simpson
I been attempting to murder, use ya bones for my ascension
I failed to mention, I ain't never stoppin fuck a pension
Pay attention , All u niggas "willie lynchin"
Do ya research, get the message
All y'all claimin' that y'all bosses, But u actin like y'all henchmen
Feel the tension as I discuss reinvention of
Been the best, since I started playin keyboards before
My feet touched the floor
By the the time I was 4, I performed
Discovered I was lightning, thunder, and rain
I could weather the storm
Whether I was makin the beat, rappin, or writing a poem
Either way I was flooring
Like a gas pedal to the metal
Tryna be real boy , pullin strings just Like gipetto
Been a rebel without a cause, But that's because
I hate authority I'm a boss
Who got the balls to give it my all
Until I exhausted
I'm goin thru pain!
Afraid imma fail and become the same
As these other lames
Fighting for the loves of my life, my music, brothers, and wife
Unless they say they don't love me
Then I'm not stoppin tonight

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