Jay Saif - Supreme [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jay Saif
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Jay Saif

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1:

I'm an uncrowned king
That's without a queen
Born to lead, get this cream
Do it wit my team
Been chasing my dream
Keep it a bean
I came up with a scheme
Go to war wit these whack ass rappers
Watch me reign supreme
Fuck you mean?
You know I gotta keep on movin'
Youngin' tired of losin'
So to clear up all the confusion
Made a conclusion wit' a solution
Proving how we can do it
Smoothly killin' the game
Without retribution
Cuz niggas sellin' they souls
Call it spiritual prostitution
Good lord
Spare those who don't deserve this killin'
'Cuz now I'm bout to start throwin' discs at all these niggas' like I'm krillin
Spilling all of my feelings wit
Subliminal disses to those bitches
If u wanna get the diggin'
I advise you to get the drillin' ok
But dig too deep
U just might make it a fuckin' issue
When it comes to throwin' shots
I'm a missile, you're a pistol
See the only difference between the two
Is that mines is bigger
So if u decide to pull the trigger
Mines will disfigure more than ya tissue

SlaughterNation , Slaughternation

Verse 2:

Card game shit
Half of these jokers's claming their kings
Fuckin' deuces 'cuz they're wild
They know they ain't touchin' these queens
So fuck a king, I'm the ace
Who's tryin' to start a team
Loyalty brings royalty
And best believe I'm just startin a regime
Cash rules everything around me
And i ain't stoppin' til i reign supreme
Since 18, my record's clean
Like a reform fiends' nostril
See i lost a lot of friends
Who seem they wanna get hostil, okay
See all these niggas' situations 'bout to get ugly
'cuz they heavily tatted, like graffiti on the subway
Only lord knows, my old niggas better pray
'cuz now they fuckin' stuck in west, tryin' to sell that kanye, hello!
Wake the fuck up
Tired of illuminati rumors
Conspiracy theorist is mental terrorist
Based on assuming
That they the ones who want to enslave us
That's the image they sellin' you
But is it really them? or is it just the ones that's tellin' you
It's fuckin' wicked what these scriptures depicted
Y'all need to shut up and listen
'cuz it's real shit your missin'
See all of y'all young minded, blinded by the materialistic dumb shit
Like watchin' women argue irrelevance on television
And that's the wrong shit to be tryin' to apply to ya life
Bitchin' bout bitches, gettin drunk, and staged fights
They cause drama for the fame, dumb shit people want to see
They gettin paid for it though, you doin' it for free
I'm a show these niggas and bitches, see what they missin'
James bond shit, I'm always on a mission
And all y'all niggas brainwashed
Like somebody took a brillow pad and started scrubbin' like they doin' dishes
Sick and tired of tryin' to explain myself to these little niggas
You go against me, and lose a whole race like tommy hilfiger
Everybody told me im hot
I'm durant of the game, gunnin' for kobe spot


Watch me reign supreme


This is for SlaughterNation

Unh, I'm So UnderRated
Hey, See I'm so UnderRated
Do this for SlaughterNation

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