Jeremiah Bligen - Waiting Room [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jeremiah Bligen
Album: When Ravens Cry
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Wes Pendleton, Jeremiah Bligen, Wontel
Tekst: Wes Pendleton, Jeremiah Bligen, Wontel, BLACKWELL, Reflect

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: BLACKWELL]
By the way you’ve got my soul elevated
I’m looking down on the cloud
And silence never sounded so loud
I can hear the wind whispering
Feeling it calling my name
Take a moment just to pause and sustain, and
Remove clutter from the thoughts in my brain
The lost and the gain of objects
Is often what is causing our pain, so
Even if you callin us lame
Still on that narrow path dog
Walking the same
Footsteps that Yeshua took back in the days
When he was trekking through the wilderness
The will to thank God when it rains
It ain't about porches and fame
When I reside amongst corpses
Endorphins still course through their veins
It gets deeper
As a keeper
Unable to keep my brother off of the caine
I, feel angered and often am drained
That’s why beyond the torn veil
Where God still remains
Its so sweet bruh, for real

[Hook 1: Jeremiah Bligen]
When the air pierces blue from the cold
I'll cling to the foot of your throne
I will find rest
When the sky bleeds grey from the Storm
I'll pour all I have in your mold
Until Nothing Is Left

[Hook B: Jeremiah Bligen] (x2)
In Your shadow
I know You love us so
Though the Storms Come
Winds rage, You keep us Lord
Though it tarries, we will overcome
It won’t be long
We'll wait on You
With our weight on You
When we are weak You’re strong
We'll wait on You
With our weight on You
When we are weak You’re strong
We'll wait on You
With our weight on You
When we are weak You’re strong

[Verse 2: Reflect]
I tried to build a tower towards the heavens
Swore it was for you God, and all of my brethren
Discovered, that was just my cover up
And the honesty is honestly hard to muster up
Tower of Babel, didn’t even know it
Good intentions entangled with bad motives
More dangerous than terrorists with explosives
But Father’s got a S.W.A.T. team with wings
We took notice, yeah
Seconds before I detonate
You disarm my pride and now we levitate
In city limits, but I’m still in another state
When the storm hit
I don’t gotta try to escape
Your peace is my heavenly star gate
Which means I can leave without going to a far place
So where’s the nobel peace prize?
For the one who defined peace for mankind
You’re the greatest of all time

[Hook 1 & 2]

[Verse 3: Jeremiah Bligen]
Daddy was a slave to the bottle
Depression was rooted deep, I
Sit in this waiting room
I'm fighting, to keep my feet up
It's hard
I'd be lying if I said I don't feel the
Turbulence of this flight
My wings, they grow weak but
There lies in you
A place where the noises cease
Your index rests, in middle of my chest
Just the two of us, safe
The pressure of bills, wither
As all of my cares release
The wretched wisdom of my prevailing pride
Dies, grace
Wails on woes my wistful nature buyed
Resting place of a bout with addiction
My loved ones struggles
Nephews, uncles, sisters
Nieces aunties, cousins
Brothers across a distance
Incarcerated kinsman
Oh I pray your spirit lifts us
A baby boy with such joy in his eyes
And the devastation that'll chase him
As he races through life
Many will never see past his skin hue
I’m praying you forgive his sins
And that he lives for You, Yeah
But Worrying won’t add a single day
So when I'm minus understanding
Let me count on grace
Let Your peace Reign

[Hook 1 & 2]

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