Jeremiah Bligen - While They're Red [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jeremiah Bligen
Album: When Ravens Cry
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Jeremiah Bligen, Wontel, TJ Pompeo, DIGIANLG
Tekst: MPax, Jeremiah Bligen, Wontel, TJ Pompeo, DIGIANLG

Tekst piosenki

[Saxophone by MPax]

[Hook: Aaron Wiggins]
If you never did another thing
You're alright
You've done enough for us
Wish I could give you more
But since I have your ear for a short while
I just thought I'll
Give 'em to you now
Though life knocked you down it didn’t stop your fight
So we could be more, you worked day and night
You scratched and clawed and with all of your might
You have served, showed love with your life

While They're Red
I just want to say thank you for who you have been
For what you've done, and who you are
While They're Red
And as sure as the Lord lives I will honor your stand
You stood in faith, your light will last

Rose, The hustle and bustle
Rose, The Pain, No Gain
Rose, You fought through the struggle
Rose, We Remember Your Name
Rose, Too often we wait
Rose, Until it’s too late
Rose, To give people their roses
Yeah, I’ll give you yours today

[Verse 1: Jeremiah Bligen]
You always told me to clean my plate
But before I touched a scrap, I better say my grace
Thanks the Lord
Before I go to bed, wash them dishes
Can't be a dirty man, looking for a misses
That’s for growth
And when my execution wasn’t there
You dealt with me in love, it was tough, but it was fair
I needed both
Though we only ever had a little
What we had came from you
Working your hands to the gristle. thats for sure
Cutting grass after a long week
You taught me to wear pants to fend off the weeds
Not shorts
Double shifts and multiple jobs
Fighting to make it
To say that you worked hard
Supported family by any means
And the years of sweat and tears
Were the makings of me
True indeed
I'll never despise my humble beginnings
Forever grateful
So take these roses while theyre red, it means thank you


[Verse 2: Jeremiah Bligen]
Sixth Grade
Kool-Aid and Sugar
With out the water
Mixed and Pitched
It for a couple quarters
Hustled hard I
Was just trying to make some juice money
You saw the risk
What it could come to, down the road to 20
Yanked me quick
Punishment for like the whole year
I shed a tear, remember clear
Not to do it I feared
The lesson sticked
Didn’t get it fully then
But now as a man
I look back thankful
For what you did
I understand
I remember you saving to pay off a debt
Walk in honor
OlÈ man stole and spent it on him
That was sour
I saw you broken over that, I cried
Angry and bitter I couldn't help
Man it Burned me inside
I was young, but I could see and know
The violations
But you didn't let it stop you
You started again, and finished paying
I could never grasp why you stayed
But now I do
Your covenant to love was true
Down to the root
So you fought and stood
Remained faithful
Even though he never came through
You never played him
See for you the example to your daughters
It Mattered
So no men ran through our home
Remained sattled
And I respect it
Taught me to make my own meals
Wash my own clothes
Everyone smiling in your face
Ain't your friend, you watch them close
Never bought a single a single Jordan
But what we needed you would find
Drug me to church every Sunday
To meet God and give him time
Went without didn't complain
Couldn't make it to every game
Because you were working so that we could pay
For me to play
Remember when I said is never leave you
I was child, But that sentiment man it was real
That love is real
And though I left and Cleaved to my wife, I'll honor you
By loving her, treating her right
Putting her first
Under God, consider her feelings
Work hard. Comfort her heart
Walk and Be the leader
Of my home
I may never buy you a house
While on this earth
But our Father see he has many mansions
That’ll work, yeah that’ll work
I'm thankful that you know the Lord
You’ll live forever
But Your legacy here live on
Endure the weather
You weren’t perfect
Human indeed
You were exactly what I needed
For me to be me
And just want to let you know Im forever grateful
Forever grateful
So take these roses while they’re red, it means thank you


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