Jerm - Manifesto [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jerm
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Ear2ThaBeat

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Jerm]
Fuck the government
And the way that it's ran
I'm about to explode in your face
And I'm not talkin' Iran
I'm talkin about now I gotta do
Whatever I can
To expose all these fuckin' lies that we're gettin' from this man
Yea my plans not to sleep
Not to keep info in
Ima chill, keep it real
Blaze on some endo, then
Ima keep on goin' with the fight
Ima keep on tellin' you the deal
Ima keep on bein like this
Until the day that i'm killed
It's for America, I bleed red white and blue
And this is for the people
We have a right to choose
Where this countries goin'
But we act like we don't have the answers
All these chem trails in the sky
And they give us cancer
Go to Georgia, look at the guide zones
And see what it reads
See if your life is enough to fit
Everything that they need
And if it's not your on a list until a coffin you go
You can put me in jail
Bitch, I ain't stoppin' this flow
So, just call me terrorist
Or call me a monster
Call me lots of things
But can't call me imposter
Cuz I kept it real from the moment that
I was born I's put here to rap
Take care of my daughter
And, the more
I walk in this world
I see the evil risin'
Its gettin' a little bit more personal
Now its frightenin'
Hell will be on Earth
Then Christians float in Heaven
The elephants in the room
I'll be the first to admit it
I haven't been the best man
That I possibly could be
Should we give up when we fall at first
And just burn or should we
Lift up the weight thats on our shoulder's
And start doin' reps
You see it's not that simple
This music I make is a debt
That either God or the devil
Has placed into my life
This a fight
Between em both
And i'm about to lose my mind
It keeps me up at night i'm runnin' round in circles
What i'm seein' nowadays is more than hurtful
So I smoke the purple
And different sins to keep my head from spinnin'
Even when i'm winnin'
I still just feel like i'm losin'
I just can't seem to catch up
And I always feel stupid but
I know what lives in me
And it's our time
Better go out and use it
I can't abuse it
These people need to hear what I say
And i'm not the truth that you seek
But I won't lie today
It's only gettin' worse
Please don't expect no betta'
None of you are really rich
We don't have no chedda'
We're in debt and depend on other nations for survival
I think we need God more than ever right now
Call a revival, put these
Words on the bible
First to admit i'm not perfect
You need to know how I really feel
And this verse is the verdict
Yea you heard it
Whether you condoned it or not
Just give it time to unravel
Then your gonna see the plot
It's somethin' that you felt
But your mind must of forgot
But, when it's too late
Don't say you've not been taught
My Manifesto

[Verse 2]
It's gettin' tragic
And this shit ain't magic
Kids, better listen up and not go passed it
I flip out like gymnastics
They label me spastic
Crazy, manic, can't hack it
Well, i'm about to get a little bit more drastic
Hold on, here we go in the cold for a ride
Let me take you on one
I bet you cannot keep up
When I go dumb in the booth
I speak the truth
WIth no poof
And I don't see what
The point in backin' down to a tyrant
When I wind up the whole country
I ain't linin' time to just go and try this
Can't put me on a leash, I
Rather be just pullin' teeth
Than to hear you speak
This knife is comin' out of it's sheath
And my heart is breached
To a place of no return
And I hope you fuckin' burn
For every stone that you said you would check
But left unturned
You should be concerned
As well as afraid
This is the beginning to the story
Now i'm turning the page
Onto the end but for now the next chapter
Devourin' beats and i'm crappin' out rappers
And laughin' about everything
I find it amusin'
Rewind if your snoozin'
Onto, the next bar
And i'm shootin' for the moon
And then to extinguish the sun
I don't even need a gun
All I need is my tongue
Open my mouth
And poof, your done
The game can try to show me
How can you stop me
If I love me
I stare the truth in the face
And I don't care how ugly
It may be
I have a date with destiny
I'm gonna meet it
I'm not stoppin' what i'm doin'
Till the missions completed
My Manifesto

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