Jerm - Assmilk Remix [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Jerm
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

You try a track diss you'll probably get embarrassed
Nobody's going harder than me thought we just established it
I'm spitting sicker than a day of hard liquor
Pick your pieces from my vomit, don't you wish this'd end quicker?
I'm not a jackass, I just happen to honk a lot
You can pin the tail on Murphy 'til he yells for Shrek to stop
I'm an asshole, the twist to your minor plot
And all you Pedo haters can suck some pimple covered cocks
OH, so all you got is balls and your word
Your words don't even move dirt
My balls dropped and quaked earth
They try to run but I am ripping out their ligaments
Tears ACL's cause I am
Always Crushing Lyricists
It's a little past 5 so I ate a strip of gum
Then I found a blonde chick to have a little fun
I sharpened my knife when she started to run
At least the breathe was fresh when The chewing was done
Provoking madness
When I'm drafting raps the baddest
My blood flow is adding
And your girls clothe's subtracting
I'm getting bored of her I got and get my hatchet
Now tell me what the math is, I'm dividing her to fractions
I'm not a hipster, I just don't like that Bieber shit
Last time I saw him he was jumping on Selena's clit
Call it kite runner, you can find him in an alley ditch
Bent over having fun with a Mandingo dick
Every villain has a victim that they're missing
For me it's just the mass that hear this track cause I am killing it
I'm filling hearses like a fat chick fills denim
I flipped the snap back on them, Ash Ketchum
Yeah I'm a douche bag just call me Casey Anthony
Cause when I called her, She dropped the kid to come and dance with me
I showed her fancy footwork and called it a masterpiece
Like MJ in his prime I moonwalk on beats
The rap artisan, Picasso with a broken pen
Dropping down the fire on this track, call it Sozin
Niggas posing like my flow just left them frozen
Or they're melting on my fire, I just leave these haters roasted
The lunchcrew? Wait a minute
Haters gonna get finished
Showers; dropped the soap in it
You're never gonna win this pennant
You're never gonna stop this stint
You might as well take a hint
Pedo Park's the whole thing while you're just 2 percent
I'm going hard as dropping bombs from like 11 stories
I'm killing priest cause I ain't playing with these little boys
I'm kind of sick like I was laying with some Asian whores
No happy for you nigga I run up the Score
It's the origin of Or-a-gies
The penis on the oral beats
Your ears just want more of me
The lyrics tell the stories
Your flow sounds like Joe-oh-ies
You're stepping on the toes of me
We're just playing man, it's Pedo til we R.I.P

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