JiZzlE AyE - There, We Made Love, In The Studio [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: JiZzlE AyE
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Its Late Night
The Dark Sky Was Star Lit
Soft Taps, From Hard Heels, Heard Under Soft Winds
Echoed, Through Out The Studio, While Im Recording
I Notice, The Door Opens, And An Angel Appears
Shawty Said, I Like what I Hear
I Say I Like What I See, & Id Love To See How It Feels, But That Kills
You Know, Curiosity, its obvious I Fell Asleep Writing Again
& Then The Story Begins
She Says You Never Wrote A Song About Me
I Say But Baby Your Not Real
She Says I Am In Ya Dreams, And It Seems,That I Have An Effect On Your Physical Being
Im On Ya Mind From Sun Rise To The Time Being
And You Mean To Tell Me, Im Not Worth A Few, Words And A Beat
If Thats To Much, Than I Guess I Should Leave, And She Made Her Way To The Door
I Said Stop, And Grabbed The Girl By Her Arm
Yocked Her Up, and Pinned Her Back To The Wall
We Started Kissing, Then She Whispered In My Ear That She Missed Me
I Said For This To Be A Dream, It Has Some Realistic Feelings
She Says Its Not A Dream, Its A Fantasy, Theres a Difference
Then Put My Hand Down Her Pants And My Fingers Got Wet
Sensation Blew My Mind For a Min
Tryed To Pretend It Didn't Turn Me Beyond On
Witha Dropped Jaw, Thinking Ho To Get Her Pants Off
She said I Can Read Your Thoughts, And Your Nasty
But If You Consider Asking, I May Be Willing To Flash It
But Id Just Be Talking To Myself, Cause Your Not Really There
I Would Ask You To Leave, But Your Not Really Here So Ill Just
Sit In This Chair, & Ignore You, Until You Disappear
A Flash Of White Light, And then she Vanished, Into Thin Air
So Towards The Wall, I Gave A Blank Stare
Eyes Wide, Palm Sweat Soaking Into My Hand
The Hairs On My Neck Start To Fall Slow
I Drank Some Water, My Body Cooled When It Hit My Throat Like....
And It Took All I Had To Get My Mind Off Her
Didn't Mean to disrespect by declining her offer
At The same Time, I Had Some Problems, And Couldn't Resolve Em
I Kept Seeing My Hand Don Er Jeans And I noticed
She Bit Er Lip As I Rubbed On Her Clit
Ill Do Anything To Feel That Again
If This Is a Dream, That Means, I Can Control It
So ill Invison A Moment of her, sitting on top of me And, Flash
It Came To Be As She Sat On My Lap
She said I Knew Youd Want Me Back, In Fact
I Knew That Youd Be, Craving My Body
So The Quicker That You Strip Me Down
Will Be The Quicker That You Get Inside Me
So Our Clothes Hit The Floor And Her Back Met The Table
InCapable Of Self Control
Interchangeable Emotions
Substituted all that lust, With Satisfaction
Her Reaction When I Entered, Left Her Scathing And Gasping For Air
She Went From Scratching on my Back to Marks on my chest
I went from putting hickies on er Neck, To Sucking On Her Breast
She Started Dripping down her legs When Id Pull out slower
Then Shed Begin to stutter My Name As I Pushed Closer
And At That Second, Our Senses Flared
And I Could Feel Her Insides, And There Was Passion there
And In Her Eyes, I Could See All Her Desire, And Thee Entire Time That I Was Penetrating
I Could Hear Her Yell
Thanks To Her Nails, My Shoulders Bleed On The Seat, Her Pussy Poured To The Floor
She Continued To Ride Me
And I Could Feel Her inner Thighs Vibrate, As I Went Deep
And Then She Started Bouncing Like She Was Testing A Trampoline
Our Bodys Grew Week, As Mins turned To Hours
The Closer She Came To Cumming, My Name She Scrame Louder, Could you Blame Er
Hard To Believe that This Was Fiction, The Friction Between Here Body Put Butterflies
In My Stomach Like,..
Both Laying On The Floor Naked
Clothes Some Where In Afghanistan
So Fatigued, All The Strength Taken
Energy Somewhere
In The Caribbeans
But In the Studio, There Was Nothing But Silence
A Dead Language Not Spoken, I Looked Over, And I Seen That Her Eyes Were Closed, Right
But Her Body Was Still Shaking
And For Some Reason, I Was Feening For Round Two
But My Body Was To Week To Make A Move, So I Just Layed There,Thinking
What Was Going through Her Head, And The Fact That I Just Carved My Name, Deep In Her Walls
Like a Cave Man
Like She Insisted on being Quiet, I Broke The Silence Asking If She Liked It
She Moaned An Obvious Answer To Me
She Stood Over Me, Slowly Opened The Curtains And As The Sun Shined Through, She Softly Whispered
Good Morning To Me

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