John Nonny - 0-100 [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: John Nonny
Album: Likeability
Data wydania: 2016-05-10
Gatunek: R&B
Producent: Kid Jimi

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Tekst piosenki

Lately I've been on some chill shit
But i'm about to drop it on them real quick
I've been under the weather but i'm still sick
I play a joint from a decade ago and people still trip
I'm tryna be my own mil ticket [?]
I'm tryna see life like i'm 7 [?] he'll flip it
And people who be throwing shade wanna still kick it
Until they kick a verse and cut the beat real quick

It's i'm from the country when the winters here be ice cold
Still in the dark but i'm whiter than a rice ball
And that's why i can be deceiving like i'm white-gold
But you fucking win it cause your boy got a nice flow
Some people be like ''What you doing?'' ''What's your life, though?''

Understand, i'd rather take my chances with a dice roll
Cause there's no telling all the places that i might go
And if i do that than the final return is gonna be twice [?]
Hit recording start spitting like a pipe broke
Jaw is dropping looking like you had a light stroke
I'm always focused on improvement; life coach
But if i got a couple of drinks in me than i might smoke
Wanna speak the phone? come on like a fight broke <[?]
Like i'm a hundred feet up on a tight rope
Going and building a building on a slide slope
Trying to use the wind to my advantage but my kite broke

I don't drop it i just grab the ball
My driver's automatic i ain't got the stall <[?]
To make it to the top you have to fall
Every skillet takes his like a Pokemon and i have them all

0 To a 100, homie, real quick
Waiting for a real chick
With a personality that's real thick
Either we hit the kill switch or we feel a click
A cold journey to road to which is a real slick
Eyes red like the lightning about to run to
I hit the Q we [?] pop the sun roof
We about to hit this one booze
Waiting for the boys to come to [?] proof
We about to get it, homie, yeah yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Grab the rubber bands and the [?] bag ([?] bag)
Couple good girls looking bad, yeah
Now they want to come in home to beat a baby, dah dah <[?]
You never heard my music you should try it, tough
You might not like my but the skill is undeniable
I'm always tripping like i'm one of Michael Mayer's hoes
I'm hot like the second setting on a hair dryer blows
And imma go get [?] frozen and disappear like i'm dying
And imma wake up in Idaho in 2094 In old, dusted, designer cloths
And i don't know why i did it i just wanted to try it, tough

Keep your head to the track
[?] and Aloe Vera smeared on your back
I'm the dude with the beard and the hat that plays hockey and raps and don't get too much weirder than that
Man, roll it up doug, i'm here to relax
Caught in the spotlight like a deer in the tracks <[?]
And the love can be hate when they appear to be [?] <[?]
They wishing we gone even tough they cheer when we back

2016 is coming up
I'm surrounded by winners
The last year i was the runner up
And even though it's not a competition
I see what's possible so now i gotta go, man
I'm on a mission

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