John Wanderlust - #TheWanderlustZone [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: John Wanderlust
Data wydania: 2014-09-16
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Empty Beats

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: John Wanderlust]
This is the story of a boi named john
Looking for the rights but presented with the wrongs
So I gotta build a raft if I want to survive
Cuz this cold ass sea is pushing me side to side
Stay alive
Name of the game until you die
So stop living like a whale and start living like a fly
Time is limited... so tell me why wonder why?
When you could be living your dreams my friend if you just try

See I peeped that limits just wasn't for me
I should be free tarzan in these trees
But bigger enemies want me paying fees
Soul in a box and my mind on the streets
But fuck that I got a bigger agenda
Avatar mind call me a mind benda
You must be kidding I walk my own road
I'll never let my future be determined by my mold

[Verse 2: John Wanderlust]
Money, dinero, peso...
That's all these boys worried 'bout is getting the queso
The cheese
These niggas blowing in the breeze
While i'm becoming a man to keep the world at peace
Time to
Get up make a conscious decision
Don't let this veil pulled over your eyes ruin your vision
Positive flow
Pay no mind to the hate
4 words it's never to late

I do this for my brothers in the system
Deprived from information my gift to you is wisdom
Find your passion
Go on and take some action
Don't let yourself be altered by a little distraction
Let your mind ooze out of this room
There's more to this picture outside of the zoom
Even against gravity you must stand
Go back to your roots your a pharaoh not a man

[Verse 3: John Wanderlust]
Take control of your life and it will unfold
Like a flower in the night without being told
Children of the sun
Gods born to create
Let go of all them negatives
Dissipate and elevate
I can feel it in my bones and i'm not alone
Spirit manifesting no matter what place or time zone
Following my light like a moth to a flame
Focused on my goals and the vision that I claimed

A young king with the right mind frame
Was looking for the answers and I found them in my brain
Took a look around
Shit was never the same
If things ain't going right
Then you're the one to blame
I laugh hysterically cuz this is my beginning
17 earth years and i'm already winning
Consciousness in motion shifting as we revolve
It's not a select few the whole world is involved

This goes deeper then deep put on your goggles
I could show you some shit that'll have your mind boggled
That knowledge from the light
Guides me to the new age
Soul steady beating like a drum on my rib cage
Beating for creation
Beating for elevation
Looking for the truth
Time for some meditation
It's all in your head as it always was
Look closer every bee has it's own buzz

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