J-Roc - Trailer Park Life [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: J-Roc
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

Hey, your name Blaine right?
Hook a mothafucka up with some bass

How many times have you on the Deck
Getting wrecked
And waiting to collect a cheque
Knowing that's as good as life is ever gonna get
Knowing when you from a park
It's in your blood
It's in your sweat
Debts and doubts and bets and bouts of insanity
Is it society or is it just vanity?
That makes plan to be the man that I plan to be
Instead I can't see
The forest right in front of me
For the trees, it's a social disease
And all them other emcees are my back like fleas?
Please, J to the R-O-C
It's so hard, OLP ain't even getting royalties from me
Help my fuck
They gonna come get me?
Steal a whole album worth of samples cause they let me
Cold stole a diamond ring to make my girl my wife, wife
That's trailer park life

Raine Maida

Pool in the backyard
Where the kids play
They're only 10 but acting hard, all day
Cause the apple don't fall far
From the tree
Whatcha think?
They grow up and write their SAT's?
Be Gretzky's or race jet skis professionally?
Nah dog, for that you need opportunity
And in the park when opportunity knocks?
Open up it's the cops
(Fuck them!)
And lemme tell you cause it's damn hard to thrive yo
When everywhere you turn you're confronted by the 5-0
Denied the right to be a saint
Now ask if I'm with that shit
Cause I ain't
They found 10 grams
Seize my whip and take my knife
That's trailer park life

Another hot and sticky day in Sunnyvale
Julian and Ricky cold busted outta jail
First stop the LC to buy they rum and cokes
Rolling around in the Shitmobile
Tryna bum smokes
Back to the park
Always theirs to reclaim
(Yo what's up J-Roc?)
I'm at the top of my game
(J-Roc, remember the time that you directed that porn?)
I had my shirt off, and shit out
But kept the lights on
(No J-Roc, the porn that you made)
Well them suckers got sucked
And the players got played
(That's the one)
I'm still kicking it
You know that I been though
From sixth floor school book depository window
Spraying rhymes on the grassy knoll down below
It's a sin though
Suckers can't see
My rhymes are the branches
And I am the tree
This shit is dope b
Ain't got no candy
So you best get out my eyes
Before I take you down like Bambi
My rhymes are harder than that big ol' gut on Randy
My joints are tighter than the nerves on Mr. Lahey
I jack my chips from Trevor and Cory
(Gimme them chips!)
Walk a mile in my nikes
And feel the pain and strife, strife
That's trailer park life

Trailer park life

That's trailer park life

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