K LAB - Nightmarez [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: K LAB
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: K LAB

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Tekst piosenki

Verse 1 (Kash Peezo)

3 o'clock in the mornin and I'm creepin in your house
Pick the lock, shut the door, caught you sleepin on the couch
Got the duct tape, there won't be a peep up out your mouth
Cut a square in a square's chest can't you see it seepin out?
Watch what you speak about
Before you niggas speak about it
If you niggas mention my name I'll put you where my speakers poundin
We really are not the same can't you see the heat surrounded
You think you movin shit, til you come and meet the mountain
When i spit i gleek a found
To make me pull the beach up out em
Ima beast that's off the leash I turn up degrees a thousand
Put the knife to your throat watch you levitate
Let it resonate i said it straight
This is a nightmare look at me elevate
You hella fake
Talking bout nothin you tryna delegate
Chop em up into pieces and let em sail away
Why'd they have to go make this demon raise up up out his grave?
Now you niggas leakin I'm leavin out the same way I came...ah!
Damn ah, and my, aim is to kill em
Gah! Tell my, brain to put the blade all up in em
If a nigga really wanna get into some shit, ima let em know
We murderin niggas for that fuckery that you spittin, gonna let it go
Niggas wake up and see everything that has arisen and it's terrifying inside this motherfuckin nightmare that you get
Niggas wake up and see everything that has arisen and is terrified and decide this motherfuckin nightmare that you get
Welcome to the nightmare

Hook (Dikulz)

Ima nightmare
Creepin inside of your room choke em, rah!
Now I'm pissin on top of your tomb
You can assume that I will find you
Im right behind you
Never die cause I'm alive inside you yes ima nightmare
Cut cut, slice slice
Pickin your body yep yep, then droppin you off of the high rise
Bye bye, dont like it? Boohoo
Tell someone who cares I'm here to leave you a pair that you cannot move cause ima nightmare

Verse 2 (Iso)

You're dealin with a motherfuckin nightmare nigga
Right there nigga
Hit em with the milli we don't fight fear nigga
Pull up on you niggas in a buck and a bus and I even put a bullet through the highchair nigga
Fill em with the motherfuckin venom when I really gonna send them home boy they don't fight fair nigga
Sick of them nigga disrupt force off and the kush and takin your nightcare nigga
Brainsick, wickedest nigga thats in the game I know
Feelin like I'm M and J at renegade i might blow
Dey ain't ready for them sick in the brain psychos
Better yet, this nigga named Iso
Rifle, nights go, bout to give a nigga lipo
Suction when I'm bustin in my big screw no lipo
Come up from under the bed when your kids sleepin with the nights on
Freddy Krueger with the ruger wake up in the morning and your kid's life gone
Im on, sick shit 666 with the nine on
Run up on em put the gun up on em kill a nigga then i get my mind blown
I be off of that loud nigga, you be off of them pinecones
All of my niggas is shining but, you lookin like a rhinestone
I own everything I made my own time zone
Demons do ouija niggas thinkin I'm bone
Used to be a bum like ollie now I'm gettin my grind on
You should be a fuckin trolley gettin your dick ride on
Fuck whatever they talkin about the niggas talkin bout beefin
Slide on a nigga then he gets smoked like i was cheifin
Fuck a diss track when i click clack leave a pussy ass nigga queefin
Push your shit back nigga get that, leave a sleepin ima nightmare

Hook (Dikulz)

Verse 3 (C-Mob)

Nightmare a, Night terror
Do not make a slight error
I will make you fall just like you were the light bearer
Nice pair of pistols I get blissful when they tear, through ya
Shoot em off like missiles they will whistle in the air, to ya
Label me a mad man, sicker than average
Mentally hazardous
As it is you'll never be bad as this
New school Freddy Kruger
Put that machete to ya
Approaching you'll be toast like that bouncing betty bloop ya
I am so nightmarish
You might perish
I'll cast a dark cloud over everything that's quite cherish
A white carriage carrying your casket
But it's closed cause I've been very into smashing
Heads open with the wooden ball bat
They will fall flat
Make your skull crack through your skull cap, fall back
Better be runnin away go as fast as you can
You do not wanna end up in the back of my van
Duct tape, fuck rape I got something way worse
You'll be wishin you were dead layin in that grey hearse
Spray first and i put em in the coffin with force
If i have any questions I'll talk to your corpse
I dont really give a slight care
There is not a single solitary fuck that i might spare
Look out your window I'll be right there
Givin you a nice stare
C-Mob it's a nightmare

Hook (Dikulz)

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