Kendrick Lamar - Topdawg Ent. [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Kendrick Lamar
Album: No Sleep Til NYC
Producent: Dr. Dre
Tekst: Ab-Soul, Jay Rock

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Tonight's the night I jump on my shhhh huh?
Lyrical mayhem rappers get laid down when I (kick?)
(Saliva?) K rounds a transformer how I break down my
Nouns and verbs you just stumble over your words
So in love with my shit they save it in pampers
The only pull ups be the drive bys when I pull up then pull out
Whatever you did shout I put up then take the residuals after leaving your body in critical

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Fuck em’ all doe
More drive than a car show
Four five in the console
Call me Soul Eastwood
Lyrical gun slanging’ and a corral full of wild niggas
Pc shut down niggas its P.E. I run around niggas
You shawn pope you just sound bigger
You bad boys bite the brick like snitches bite bullets
No diss to Diddy thats just how I like to put it

[Verse 3: Kendrick]
Living’ life crooked, like a neck muscle after you pull it
187 look at the footage
Like O-Dawg, Oh Dog, you either pay up
Or have your daughter making’ that ransom phone call
Player I don’t tolerate niggas who fabricate stories
Who says you did what (what?)
I’m sounding like Noriega for the paper
One leg to erase ya kinda ironic

[Verse 4: BO]
Calling the shots like Chick Hern in intern
Your chick hair fall in my crotch follow me pop
Spit champagne they should bottle me up
We on the edge like when my barber be lining me up
Never pledge allegiance my mom musta done bred a demon
My pop musta done shot bullets instead a semen
Legion of doom cramped up in the womb
And started teething the day I heard a beat lets eat

[Verse 5: Jay Rock]
Yeah Jay Rock Watts ambassador
Big truck, paint color Almond Joy
Black choppers seem like the commodores
Get money fuck bitches do it like a chore
Thats the routine 24 hours
More money more power fuck problems
Pop my collar hit clubs and pop bottles
For the dollars I’m Master P Bout it Bout it

[Verse 6: BO]
Take a look at my wrist
Now look at my ? looks like I have a fuckin’ jukebox on
You niggas ain’t hot you niggas luke warm
And I had swag ever since I was born
And every car I drive it must be foreign
So when I ride by your bitch yelling popcorn
I get up under your skin yes I’m a thorn
And they have a stash spot and you just been warned

[Verse 7: Jay Rock]
Game said it first I’m the next out the west
Want a test knock your spirit up out your flesh
Who’s the best rapper I’m his favorite rapper
Too Fresh like a nigga still in the wrapper
I’m the shit like a nigga still in a pamper
Hit a booth kill a track then we light candles
187 everytime I spit a scripture Jay Rock Watt City I’m the perfect picture

[Verse 8: Ab-Soul]
You ain’t gotta worry about who’s hotter
I been popping’ making it rain in the club
I been about my dollars
I can’t seen colors I’m colorblind
So when you hit me up all you gonna see is dollar signs
Got my motivation nigga stay on the grind
Even if its on the block pushing nicks and dimes
Addicted to crime fuck with known felons TDE thats what they yelling

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