Kevin Junior - What's The Question [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Kevin Junior
Data wydania: 2015-05-23
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: P. Soul
Tekst: Kevin Junior

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Kevin Junior]
Uh, Now whats the question?
No Idols to tell me that my rivals could teach me lessons
Uh, Sentiments were vague through adolescence
A stage was set, a game was played but stressing
Uh, Created pawns but only to pawn a king
Astonishing when ya only dream is a limousine
Best believe that's exactly what you want, no time to think
But after all, after all this sleep i dare that car to shrink
I toss and turn not on a mattress
But my actions make me feel like a monk who practiced the art of progressing backwards
Seen a lot of pews but these idle views
Had a noose on a kid, predicaments tryna escape a 22
Or 25 to life, see if i shoot a 22
I'm aiming for a halo, better run it for the peso if i say so
I'm hungry, blood thirsty, young and dumb
Number one, gun for gun, Fuck an eye i want a sun

[Bridge: Kevin Junior]
Yeah, And are you sure?
You telling me i'm blessed if my knees are touching floors
My hands are closed together, i done seen the stormy weather
I got a lot of vices, promise me i'll still be righteous

[Verse 2: Kevin Junior]
She asked me, "Why you deal with me?
You always wanna chill with me
Try not to put it fishy
Be a hundred percent real with me"
Hesitated for a second thinking of a perfect answer
But that thought was evaded with more finesse than a dancer
Finally, words were spoken but wasn't what we expected
Yeah, oops and near misses had to be perfected
"Cause I love you too much not to"
Smooth huh? Yeah i gotchu
That was slick, so now give it a rest like the cops do
Infatuated with my words but wouldn't be if she heard
What i was thinking after 20 seconds, curse these nouns and verbs
Quickly captured the feeling of shame and inequality
"I rather deal with you than to have to deal with me"
Yeah, Little did she know, I hate myself, i hate my life
I hate the fact that my facts are opinions, i'm never right
But then again, i love myself, i love the fact i'm never wrong
Maybe i'm just too confused, contradictions sing my song

[Outro: Kevin Junior]
Will you Pray For Me?
Now will you stay with me?
I'm dancing with the devil, believe i'm the right one
To take you on a trip down memory lane to vice one, uh

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