KoK - Almost Home [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: KoK
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: IRatz

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
The only walls that block me are the ones that I build
But my cement mixers broke and the bricks are foam
And the utensils are stuck in my throat but nothing I can feel
'Till I try express myself through real serious conversations in 1 on 1 situations at night
Tryna talk me out of it bitch you wasting your time
God said no extra sense would be placed in my mind
That's what he decided, what he says is final like spinal fluid
I was dying I knew it
That once chance I had to get by and I blew it
That's why I'ma fulfil this vocation of music
This is an example of how not to let that moment pass you
Nobody wants to die but everyone has to
It's the way of life and it works
Cowardly people will spend the rest of their time in the dirt
But people like me will have their name up in lights
It was up to me to climb to stadium heights
You live then you die but inbetween’s the real test
But until then just I hope the trouble neglects ya, the angels protect ya
Life live to perfection and make the heavens accept ya
Do it how you do it but my way is to make songs real and infectious

I’m almost home
Just know you fixed me girl
Life on track, fuck retiring when I’m 50 girl
I done run through hell’s fire just to get to ya
And to think, I loved you and I barely knew ya
Family faces are all filled with smiles
(Well not in person but I'd heard stuff)
They just be happy I took you down the basilic’ aisle
I'm almost home
But I’m sorry if I took too long (okay okay)

[Verse 2]
Ain't tryna fit in I was born to stand out
Even from a young age I had it all planned out
Now that’s a lie cos around year 10 I span out
Out of control, at school and at home, nowhere to go
Not even the football pitch
I was ashamed of what I’d done I couldn’t even look at shit
I was old enough make decisions, but young enough to make bad ones
I cringe at this but never regret the things I have done
No remorse for my sins, immortal I have become
Learn from my mistakes and how can I improve I asked em
Then my raps spun and I never let up till the grands come that I can give to my grandson of the future
I’ma say it now you’ll forever ask “What she do’tcha?”
I’ma respond nutin you gotta let one thing shoot ya
Down cos that was the boost that (ouch!)
I needed, the thing to give me the oomph to
Prove her and fill everyone I met with regret
Soon as she said those words I left then I leapt
To unbelievable highs, too far so I’m unsee-able by the eye
I’ma get everything, conquering even till I die
I want it all, I don’t mean to be greedy but I'm starving
This game is like a turkey I'm the one who's carving then eating
Greeting people at the front door when they arrive then leaving
I’ve decided to wake and chase I’m tired of dreaming
Tired of being tired and grieving cos I'm tired of everyone leaving me alone busting semen
Tired of this city and tired of being bored I ain’t playing no more
Tired of my mom giving me that killing stare
Cos she’s tired of me being tired of not being a millionaire

[Verse 3]
Same things that you smile make you cry
Something so good can be so bad I could never figure out why
The very thing I loved in life was killing me and I couldn’t conquer it
I was gunna get back up and avenge this damage, nothing was stopping it
New dreams don't replace the old ones, the old ones just never came true
That failure turned my brain insane, became a replica of Beirut
So much fighting and pain, much came down to a day’t school
Rumours flying and I could never get hold of the truth and that proved fateful
I've never been bullied but forever been envied
Dope in everything I did I was pushing the ten speed
Mentally strong nutin would prevent me
From reaching my goal and not succumbing to pretending
Living a life where I always did me
Set to be a catastrophe around sixteen
Couldn’t get laid or grades but I flipped that upside down
Dunno how I did it but I did I’m up high now
I got high ground and no one can touch me
Coming too hard in my games no-one to fuck with
Going to school depressed, a façade, a crooked smile
But look at me now yeah I know it took a while
Somehow I knew we'd see better days
My mom’s waiting to hear it go tell her mayn
Proven fact that to me success is home
That became clearer and apparent the more I grown
And how good is it to know, certain to think that I'm almost home


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