KoK - Rated M (For Mazza) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: KoK
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
Death by lyrical injection. That's Ludacris!
You on all fours in bed son, now who’s a bitch?
Not you? In bras and pannies, too full of shit
Like your boyfriends sodomy hole
There’s nothing inside of me ho except anger and distrust for gays, you gotta be sure
Keep your distance, and stay persistent
Don’t experiment or you’ll witness, having sex when your dick’s limp
Not for me I keep my bitch bent
Over on the kitchen
Start my engine and I break her back like fixed rent
Into eight pieces, I ate freaks then go around saying they hate Jesus
I ain’t Jesus I constantly sin, especially on tracks I’m more than ill
Shit I depict is like a horror film, like Lauryn Hill
Coming out of retirement, chilling at a white bar and grill
I scar and kill, life’s built around rap like I’m from Detroit
Looks like I'ma have to murder myself on this beat cos we know that he won't
Coming in like JME without paying the ticket kiosk
Man I sure those words don't even rhyme
But I do it everytime in every line man I think that I might
Go back to the starting line and talk about my big dick
I won't force it to you, it's an option just make sure you that pick it
Touch stroke and lick it, make something come out too
Everytime I see you I’m bound too
Strike first even when I’m fixed in a straightjacket
Fuck girls, I’m a bitch’s hate magnet
I’m not scared of you, regardless who I’m talking to
The gap between us is as big as my erected penis
Kill you with felons fuck a misdemeanour
See I’m thirsty
I mean dirty. I MEANT DIRTY!
I’m tired okay, got outta bed early
So sorry man can’t speak
I got mad beat
I can’t sit down for a whole damn week
Why? Cos I'm black y'all, like BET
That weren’t racist cracker sit down, he he he
Just insulted my own kind
I’m let you know one mo’ time
(I’m whiiiite)
But I done never let it get in the way of one’s grind
I’m not unsigned (where’s your record deal?)
Okay well maybe I am, I get it I get it I get it
All I’ve wrote on a paper is words and I spit I spit I spit it
But back to the genesis of this verse
I’m create myself my own curse
Competition woes worst
I'll let a boy kiss me when I get to glimpsing an MC since me who's as good with convincing and mixing in a frenzy of words
But until then I’m ball out like the X-Factor with all my family needlessly wearing my t-shirts

Fuck! I got carried away
I rapped over the chorus beat, fear not, it would’ve been crap anyway

[Verse 2]
Like getting shot and carried away from a night club
I’ma kill you in one bar
That’s the best I can do I’m not a young Nas
I bun cars cos I run faster especially when the bus past
Outta money on my bus pass and I was cold, though
I carried on cos bro, I’m Lewis and he don’t quit
Then 50 gave me a sweater and I asked him 'gee you knit?'
That was the first, worst, simplest rhyme I’ve ever said in my life
But at the end of the night I’ll still be fucking your wife
Blood in her pussy bitch I just came
Yeah I was given aids and now so have you
What now you're gunna cry, do you really have to?
Ain't ya heard? Tears are bad for you like fast food
It'll make you cough up pubic fur balls like cats do
Been running round in circles I'm a dizzy rascal
“Oh God, where am I? Where are my clothes?
Wait what did we do last night, why are you wearing my clothes?”
Next day in school she grasped my ass in the middle of class and made me gasp
A riddle at last I thought, sumin to unravel
A change from a condom used to stop cum travel
I treasured this challenge like a pirate and his caval-ry, wait
Pirates don't drive horses
Well no one drives horses, you ride them
Bitches put their dick inside then thrust in hope that they might cum
I mean you seen that video of a dog banging a hen?
Like a man on a chicken not a homie on a wench
That’s something you've never put together like Seneca Wallace throwing like uncle Rico
Bitch he knows that she knows that I know that he knows that she knows
I got this thing below my waist that'll leave kids on your baby moma's face
A gun that I use to kill any boy my lady's gonna date
Then I also got a penis that'll do both things that was just said
Bounce on a trampoline and swing till it slap chicks heads
So big reaching miles out from a dick fest, one that I just left
Had to bounce cos I was so close I sniffed death, while that gimp wept
Cos me and Shaun agreed to flaunt the genie porn we stole from that Korean store
We need porn like you need rocks to pawn or even oxygen
Hanging out by abandoned churches riding round your block till dawn
Holding balls and saving girls like Oliver Kahn
Alcoholic nah but mother it's in my genes
The Sweeney's
Rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
And it’s gotta be an oddity that I don’t drink
Yet I was drunk in love but don’t think
That just because I'm sober that I won’t come up and fuck you up in your own ring (dinga-ling-ling)

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