L'ego Motif - Classic Freestyle [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: L'ego Motif
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Swizz Beatz
Tekst: L'ego Motif

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse: L'ego Motif]

Waiting on the 6 to stop so I could board like I'm headed to the stadium
Drake been at the top before I used to rock Palladiums
Tunechi my dude, he was my favorite, him and Shady Em
A legend, remember when I was 7 I couldn't wait for him
To drop some shit
Pac and BIG will always be the greatest
But this new-comer could do something the game ain't had since they was in
Game & Kendrick they was meant to make it, ain't no games with them
And I fuck with Migos, I could see those niggas making M's
MMG no enemies, Meek Milly ain't no fading him
Wale, Ross & Stalley all been riding hard, I'm saying them
My niggas, then there's Jigga, I was rockin' with the Nation when
That Roca Wear was proper gear, fitted over my face again
Fifty back in the booth 'bout to shit all over the place again
Fab's the most consistent, that's a fact I got my faith in him
Yeezy hot, man, it will not be easy to replace him and
Now Travis Scott is back, he got some crack, man I've been waiting on that Rodeo
Oh god, Big Sean is Finally Famous, man
Pusha T could push a key and spit like he got rabies and
I ain't forget how Jay Elec could spit and it won't take a sec
Place a bet, I'll take your check, take your chick and we break your bed
Wait a sec... I'm naming all these rappers like we're label mates
But maybe later on we'll make a song, who knows, it may be great
I take the cake and I eat it too, I'm gaining crazy weight
Better pray that they don't let me out my cage for your ladies sake
Call her baby cakes, she calls my dick the main event
My mouth is the opening act, my face'll get your lady wet
Cashin' checks, Catchin' wreck like I just caught a crash on camera
I got my handle up, I'm about to break a leg
Just like what they tell me when I'm about to hit the stage or something
Had the same face since I was 10, man, I don't age for nothing
Cool, cause when I'm 40 imma look like I'm like 25
Probably have your wifey and your mommy in my honey hive
Both them got the bubble, b. Looking like a bumble bee
Got money, power but respect's the only thing that humbles me
Hungry, ready to eat any rapper that comes for me
I feel uncomfortable around you, pay me and you'll comfort me
Play me and I''ll come for you
All my niggas is comfortable
With catching bodies, ratchet probably split you like a lunchable
I got HAM for CHEESE, LETTUCE in my pants so please
Don't touch the BREAD, the guns'll SPREAD and turn you to an amputee
No "Legs & Arms", it's funny cause Swift calls me that
Heard you say you call the shots, funny how they don't call you back
Missed Calls, BNSmitties I miss yall
When we had this shit locked all these niggas was pissed off
Never Krystal, but had the Devil Springs like this tall
What's your point, god? (guard)
Put that on everything, I'm Chris Paul
The Clippers'll shave you
Give you a fade too risky to save you
Gifted and paid, persistent in way you could'nt disable
This is the age where niggas is fake & bitches tell fables
Just to get laid and maybe get paid but mainly to play you
And take your mula, Gwalla Gang don't play with Putas
Women who claim they're clean but truthfully they be sucias
Can't even get on planes cause baby I may be too fly
I'm twice as good as you, I'll write your verse, just pay me two times!

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