LG Draft - Put Me On The Set [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: LG Draft
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Fiver (Scot Buchan)

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Tekst piosenki


(LG Draft A.K.A Liam Guthrie)
I bench press rhymes getting mad respect
I rip up the mic likes Hogan’s vest
I chin check then inspect like Inspecta Dec
I manifest then confess that confessing guests say they feed from this beat like babies on breasts
This contest won’t rest until I’m blessed and I won’t rest until I’ve blessed this beat
Until I test this beat with base so deep it cripples buildings on the street
I continue to maintain and stand by my guns this beat inflames eardrums
Force out your eyes with a pop like a bop gun
Never run stand calm and collect feel the full force slam as it wrecks your chest
Disconnect decapitate your neck
Put me on set
Forget all signal let us mingle let the beat flow round in the void like a windmill
I never sit still because I thrive for more
Opportunity never comes knocking on my door
I soar high in the sky using this track as a thermal nothing stopping me
Dropping raps faster that terminal velocity
Like Mayfair on Monopoly I’m hot property doing nothing shoddily bringing new commodity
Your studio and my flow don’t you know equals plenty of doe
Did you know I don’t fly with the crows so when the shot guns blow I don’t fall like snow
I’ll be there to plug my mic in another amp to rock the show
He said she said ticktacktoe
Me plus a knife and a back don’t go
Let me dab on the brakes and bring it back down slow
I make the sun and moon dance like a twisted eclipse
I make the moon orbit earth with the swing of my hips
I run Saturn’s ring when I feel the need to keep fit
Weaker cats can't keep up some drown where I sip
They submit like three hand slaps on the canvas
I’m ravenous lapping music up like combines reap harvest
My minds as open as the inside of a tardis
Edinburgh Glasgow Manchester London to Cardiff ain't had the pleasure of hearing me flow before
So please don’t ignore
I’m telling you I’m as fresh as rain on summer grass
I blow up on the mic with an atomic blast bringing heat so saviour turning sand to glass
I rain rhyme gas with the beat as the aftermath
Me plus a mic its simple math
I skipped school class and still passed
Other MC’s get squashed like mash
They fall apart like wet cash when they meet the Draft
Never in my time have I let rhyme loose like this let the beat overheat
Damp my grill see the steam hiss
I creep through the mist like gorilla
When I’m on the mic I’m a killa
I bring more thrill that Manila
Put me in the ring ama scar and mark
I don’t fight for the dark I defend light with a spark
Like a pitbull’s bite I’m worse than it’s bark
I stroll through the darkness leaving all living flesh at the side of the road as a carcass
When harmless I harness power from the sky in the form of storm like Zeus
I’m living proof that an uncouth youth’s luck can change like a four leaf clover
If the sun don’t shine on your side of the street all you need to do is cross over
Cross over, move over, I’m taking you over not checking my rear I push through like bulldozers
You’re shitting your pants leaving stains like coasters
When I come fully loaded like guns from holsters
Sorcerers devotion in mixing potent portions of potions in cauldrons don’t come close to this book that I’m holding full of pages of poems unfolding
Smoulderingly scolding transforming rock molteny molten
That’s right I’m hotter than any volcanic lava flowing
I’m holding the weight of the world in a wheelbarrow so’s to take a drink from my quache
To try and ease the dull pain because my fucking shoulders ache
My fucking shoulders ache
The struggle’s always up hill, the peak’s never in sight
I exchange my pen for the mic once I’ve wrote right
Always in sight never out of mind
In and out of chicks like the ebb of the tide
Ride rubbered up coz the clap don’t hide
I flow blind with the beat as a guide even the best tracks don’t last yeah they fall by the wayside
Look inside the eye of a hurricane and you’ll see me fighting balls of flames with an icicle and winning for all enslaved women trapped in the arms of a psychopath sitting sinning grinning thriving on his hate for all women
Kick him out burn him down
Leave that fool like a nasty habit love drug gone wrong you don’t have to have it
This beats so hot like striking matchsticks
Raw as skinned flesh adding vinegar acid
So deep under ground dig me up with a mattock
Put me on stage ama set the mic ablaze
There one minute then gone a haze
When we’re left to our own devices we make beats so dam precisive
So put me on set turn the volume up
Blow the speakers up I’m not giving a fuck these beats show no respect
These beats show no respect
Put me on set turn the volume up
Blow your speakers up because I’m running a muck these beats feel no regret
These beats feel no regret

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