Lily Fangz - Shaolin [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Lily Fangz
Data wydania: 2013-11-21
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: IRatz

Tekst piosenki

[Bruce Lee]
Empty your mind
Be formless, shapeless
Like water

It's not an easy skill to learn
I've been practicing it for many years

[Verse 1]
The names Fangz so my bars will tend to bite ya
But I'ma love overall so I won't fight ya
Turn on the lights, yeah
So y'all can see me
Consider this your introductory assembly
I've been out and now I'm back like a ninja studded boomerang
Professor and a witch I'ma teach you how to do the things
Spit hot fire every single time the beat drops
Don't suggest getting in my way I'm heading for the top
Get me any boss beat and I'll go hard
Bout to stamp your doubts out like a postcard
Finna bring your ears to school, no retard
Talking 4.0 flow report card
Send that beat back like reject package
I'm about to flip your world on it's muthafuckin axis
Pick it up, spike it down like a cactus
Rhymes will mess your face up call it malpractice
Let me lay the rules down
We whip beats like its heavy cream
Puff the magic dragon since the captain of my burn team
Geographic leg up call it what you want to call it
But you out there burning regs
While we puffin' on that chronic
Supersonic flow demonic
Me and I are not plutonic, nah
See the relationship is complicated
Took it out and got it faded
Locked it up but never dated
You may be mad
But you just mad because you cannot make this, no
I'm that sick spitter, flow iller than bitter licorice
Straight word killer, assassinate all the ignorance
Thick thighs fine as my rhymes like when I kick this shit
Classified as more than a dime how do they figure this
I got intelligence, logic and benevolence
My words should take precedent
Over all these whack backpack rappers
Snapback lip flappers straight creativ-ity lackers
So what you call that
You know I'm all that
You ain't ever going to top me
Stop me, block me, drop me
See I bomb like Nagasaki
I'm the NHL and you just playing table hockey
Everybody steppin' back doing double triple takes
Apprehensive at a chick who can spit and she skates so
Check the flow for yourself
You're entitled to opinion but there ain't no doubt it
Steady fuckin' with this rhythm and
Check my kicks for the shred, to through
To the souls and I get your head spinnin'
Like you popped a couple rolls, yeah
My shoe soles scuffed up like I said
But my true soul, straight spotless till I'm dead
Shit is fully intact and more vibrant than ever
And my passions leaking out through the holes in my sweater
And I'm right straight on track to try to build up my cheddar
Great and clean, A-plus the best alphabet letters
So put your hands in the air if you feel me
If you want trying to catch some words about the real me
Cause this is simply just an inventory
So raise your hands if you wanna hear my story

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