Lo Key - The Creep [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Lo Key
Album: Lets Get Violent
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Samson Samson]
Looking at you through the window
I am the creep that is sinful
I wanna watch your body dance slow
Pop it on me to the tempo
Fuck me until I'm bored
By the end of it I will be sure
To chloroform that little bitch
Wakin' up in a predicament
She won’t be able to ignore
You like thick rope around your wrists and ankles?
Barbed wire flutter your torso til skin rips and dangles
(Unable) To get out of this nightmare
Better get to thinkin' how you gonna get out
When you struggle the wire slice and tears
Oh goodie, look at you, better move fast
Cause I am watching dear, I am a masochist
I’m watching you through a two-eyed mirror eating a bag of chips
I get a kick from this, this is arousing boo
You screaming for help puts me in such a better mood
You-you'll be way down in my basement until police start lookin'
By the time they think that it’s me, you will be dead and cooking
I will eat you and burn all of your clothes
Set your place ablaze, nobody knows

I am the creep x8

[Hook: Lo Key]
Ha ha! I am the creep I am running control
So baby let me inside, let me in to your soul
I am the creep and I will follow you home
And baby once I get a taste I will not leave you alone

I am the creep x3

[Verse 2: Lo Key]
You don’t really want it with a dude like me
You’re a bit too clean, I don’t fit that scene
I don’t sip that lean, I am in for that plasma
Grab that black mask, duct tape and the camera
You know what I want, yes, you know what I’m after
Blowing up your facebook but you’ve never answered
Chewin' up your parents faces with a sander
And tearin' out your hair with a ball pein hammer
I know you, you like your dudes clean cut
Skin tight jeans and the female hair cut
Snap back hat and the yolo t-shirt
Make you wanna suffer, but I make you wanna bleed first
Hit the damn bitch, fix the damned lips
Stitch your clothes and then instagrammed it
With the caption, peep the fan pic
Everybody liked it, and said it’s mad sick
I am a creep, I-I I am a creepoizd
I’m here to attract your back teeth
And cut, slash, feed until your ass screams for more
I’m creepy bitch, I beat the bitch
Ground meat the bitch and then I’ll eat the bitch
Lo Key is the dude that’ll plead the fifth
And have Green Vilin hit you with a demon fist
Straight evil shit
While the rest praise God
Got the Devil behind my eyes, y'all seem to fall
Then my brain will work correctly so it’s all blood stains
As I sit and wait for you to call like…

[Hook: Lo Key]

I am the creep x5

[Verse 3: Mr. Liqz]
Video camera upon the [?] hardbroiled
Like a dog, bitch, bark like a dog, make noise
Got a sex swing, ball gag, duct tape, handcuff
Wait until I bring in all the toys
I’m gonna get nasty, I’m a freak, I like weird shit
Bathe in a bucket of your blood and making my beard wet
Ohhh, you smell, oh, you reek!
Let me get you into the bathroom full of bleach
Scrub raw, scar for your make up
Pretty little doll face never gonna wake up
Cut ‘em and I gut 'em in a oven with the other ones
Quick to fix the small stitch if I rip once
Maybe even you could even call me necromancer
Bitch you could even be my tiny dancer
Put the lotion in the bucket, when she gets the hose again
Not really the sane as facebook friend
(I am the creep) Yeah
Don’t you just love how my basement looks?
I did it all for you, the pink and blue
Then them satin sheets of these brand new meat hooks
Don’t get it twisted it ain’t all about the sex with 'em
It’s taxidermies gettin’ better with each one that’s next to ‘em
I’m that creepy neighbour building shit in the garage
Whilst a horror’s in my basement, mirage!

[Hook x2: Lo Key]

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