Loud Mouth - Kap'n Krunch [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Loud Mouth
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dro

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Loud Mouth]
Got two blunts lit with a bag of bones
Wearing my dad's clothes with some bad cologne
Move out the way or get dragged along
Have you little bitches all wanna babble on
Just got a little cheese like macaroni
Just got a little something from Patagonia
No money no deal so I'm swaggin' on ya
Ratchet throwing nails in a can of soda
Can't see me, no blindfolding
Hit that blunt till your eyes swollen
I drop that shit like my colon
I dip that colt when the five roll in
I turnstile hop in the CTA
Get a text from your bitch like ETA
I'mma eat that ho like PBJ
Then skate life like DGK
I grind ho, I grind ho
Don't ask me who I ride fo'
I'm Humboldt Park raised bitch
That's west side Chicago
Got five down to that Buddha
They hear me spit it like who dat
It's Loud Mouth the barracuda
True dat
Trap is where I cool at
You can find me with my goonies
Black boots and we wearing boonies
Against your religion Judas
My bitches never be prudent
I hit your city and loot it
I do this I really do it
If you got a problem state it
I pull that switch now they [?]

[Verse 2: Acumental]
I got a fast modem and a fat scrotum
Fact totem, I rap golden
Lack motive but I stack tokens
Reach for the mic get your hand broken
Clean house like Tangina
Gettin' free Coronas at the cantina
Just can't keep a straight face when I see y'all
Haters finna leave with a cracked femur
Get lost
Handfuls of hoes all on my nuts
I drink zombie dust and eat lots of drugs
If you're down for the cause you can ride with us
You can drive the bus
Wheels go round and round
Whatchu know about Carnage ho
Talk shit spit a bar of soap
You ain't-you ain't never heard a bar this dope
I'm a hurricane, I'm a sharknado
An art major with a sharp angle
Clark Gable at the card table
The dark halo of an archangel
I'm out of my head
Out of my gourd
Swallow my sword
A vulgar dummy
Otto and George
At the edge of the Earth then I hop in a gourge

[Verse 3: Terminal Knowledge]
Couple kids from the go
Blindfolded and picking my nose
Sniffing blow
Chop it up
Brought a blunt and some piff to roll, yo
Only go to sleep on occasion
Can't keep-keepin' 'em waiting
Led me astray
Put my pen to the page and my feet to the pavement
Cockeyed lucubrator whose suits are tailored by youth in labor
And why would I do you a favor?
It's not my human nature
Buttin' heads until each one is dead
Unattention of the underfed
So fucking worthless
Don't trust a word which comes from within his government
What the heck
Come again
Public execution
Don't miss stepping into it
Finna jump ahead to conclusions
So cut the check and get stupid
No muscleheads in my troop (troof)
Assassin's stocked at the job
But a mastermind to the mob

[Verse 4: Loud Mouth]
My bitch super bad your bitch fufu
My bitch super tight your bitch loose loose
I sip prune juice with that goose goose
And I'm a pioneer of this new school
I got a whole lot of shit left to do
So you better get checked in tune fool
Better shoo shoo
Get chopped up looking like moo shoo
[?] he cuckoo
He got that hybrid that new-new
I like my liquor with cucu
I like my bitches in tutus
I like my face down in [?]
And frying drugs in my noodle
I hit it and then it's toodles
Can't fuck with you if you frugal
And I ride around with that blade
I don't ride around with no banger
My homies be flipping bricks and no they ain't playing Jenga
Y hay eso no se juegue so se [?] te su lengua
Porqué dices que te mato a mi no me das no ve nada

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