Loud Mouth - Leroy Murder [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Loud Mouth
Album: Carnage EP
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dro

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Tekst piosenki

If god loves ugly
Oo boy im attractive
Got a bag full of bodies
And some damn profylactics
I be the captain no tactics
If i want it i rack it
I got a pocket full of posies
Jim beam in my jacket
Check my demeanor no lacking
Got you posers all cracking
Like clucks lips on the ave
I ain't having no sass
I be the vocal assassin
Watch what your pussy lips flapping
And i be scrapping up change
I ain't spending no cash
I be the midnight marauder
Keeping a tab on yo daughter
A lot of thirsty ass bitches
I keep a gallon of water
I don't bargain i barter
Show no mercy i slaughter
Here to unmask you impostors
A couple wounds ain't gone stop me
Loud as a cock getting cocky
Against the rope bitch im rocky
Can't fuck you, yous a copy
Can't fuck with her cus she sloppy
Got two slugs up in the shotty
The institution the body
Click clack boom plah
Smell the flesh as its rotting (ugh)
Cauterize the fighting wounds
Mix a couple vikes with booze
Road to the top
Got me strapping up my hiking boots
Shaking up the dice and shoot
Chop a couple mice in two
Got em shaking at the thought
Of what the duck i might construe
Just quit it for the life of you
Look at what your hyping fool
Boutique shit and some rare ass nikes oo
Damn dog thats might cool
Damn them some tight as trues
Literally to tight on you
Got a million motherfuckers
Looking just like you
Now raise your glass and face palm to that
My bitch hella skinny
Packing bongs hella fat
Hit the bong till it cracks
Hella broads in the back
Bet that ass will get taxed
Like the cost of a pack (ugh)
Cocaine in the cellophane
Bet i've seem some better days
Rapping getting paid
Get my momma off of medicaid
Puff puff pass bitch hows the cigarillo taste
Blunt after blunt till a motherfucker levitate
Busting through the glass g
Mary-late and ashley
All up in my nostril
While im eating hella ass meat
Dashing on that class
Cus me and carl hella fancy
Imma spit that shit till them panties drip
Got boosie bitches dancing
Damn bitch im ashy
Damn bitch im rashy
Can i skeet, skeet, skeet
On your bed sheet please
Goddamn bitch im nasty
Fuck a new Bugatti
Your sisters face got bukkaked
Got that pussy dripping saki
While we playing tonsil hockey
Now she screaming la dee da dee
Will you triple finger shock me
In the bathroom on the potty
While my mom waits in the lobby
I say certainly why not
Il have my cookies while they're hot
They try to put me on the spot
Because im stirring up the pot right?
I know my head not right
Pedal through a stop light
A couple hens at a cock fight
Busting through cacoons
While im crushing you bafoons
Bitches better get in tune
Fucking Carnage dropping soon ya bish

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