M SeeKING - Belief [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: M SeeKING
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Mi Mos

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Tekst piosenki

Belief is a natural characteristic of people
Searching for answers, all their mysteries
History's seen tens of millions of miseries
And he who is thirsty will surely drink anything
Poisonous punch just to fill up
The void in his stomach
Avoiding the abyss
Devoid of a purpose
As Freud would suggest, its
The source of his unrest-
Subconscious pressure for self transcendence
An Immense longing for
Sense of belonging
Awfully ready for worshiping anything
Sacrificing to these deified icons
Standing with unceasing allegiance in line
Freezing all night
Strictly to get tickets to exhibit his commitment
Finally, time arrives, they pile inside
Their lighters, united, rise up to the sky
Trying to ignite the fire inside them
Attempt to connect if just for a second
But as flames turn to embers
Emptiness returns
Deadly infectious internal inferno-
Eternally burning, so he goes on searching
Desperate to quench it
Frenzied and reckless
Red eyed and ready to die just to find it. Drinks, drugs and gambling
Losing his handling
Losing his sanity
After humanity
And Even if he manages
To jump to where the wagon is
Agony inhabits outlasted bad habits
-he panics-
He still feels unfulfilled. misattribution-
Problem revealed- not the pollution
He was simply consuming ill-suited solutions
How do u think Apple has got so successful?
Have u seen their cathedral, the glass hexahedral
Appealing to deep religious needs of beings
Attempting to end purposelessness perceived
Everybody's got I's now, but no one can see
How they're on their knees bowing to a deity with seeds
Achi- woncha sort out with me
Where we seeken
And what we believen in

Herenstein come on u gotta admit it
How bchlall can a rationalist possibly be religious?
Its full of logical problems and internal contradictions
Honestly, its obvious that god is nonexistent!

Born and I shtam from the ghetto of Lawrence
Perpetually guarded
From questioning G-d. And
Forever forbidden from partaking in-
Controversial arguments regarding His
Garden and his guardianship-
Monarch or Father? A Contradiction
Admittingly boyhood had sought to inhibit me
Fortunately faltered to halt storming within Z
Brought Critical thoughts, cynical with what they was saying
Explicit: no limit- can dissuade ש from swaying
Began to Demand answers- why am I praying?
Who ran this Buffet game that they all playing?
-how can I blindly follOW
What I have been told?
So many questions don't
Know where to begin from!-
Why did gd create us?
To serve him?
What could I do for a being who is perfect?
What was he an actor devoid of an A crowd?
If he's absolute good how's the world run so lousy?
Death and destruction, disease, crime, torture
Filth, and, corruption, hunger, poverty, wars
And How in his world did he warrant the holocaust? (X2- whisper)
--wondering caused wandering off--
On to logical theological problems
Ontological- metaphysical issues
De carte and Kant like a knife through my tissues
'Gd is' is horrible tautology
Forged bridges to Exotic philosophies
Drawn in- by the raw prospective
Of developing my own perspectives
Find an ideology inclined to inspire me
One that was free from illogical hypocrisy
Found out about the modern brand of idolatry-
How I command god to idolize me
Sparked by divine subconscious desire
Heart not satisfied with what I was finding
Too smart to be buying what they was providing
And now-
Can't hardy idly stand about
That which I've found I have Got to announce
I don't dare brag to have all the answers
But with the clock tick-tocking- its time to start sharing
Tauyos to shmuel, brilliance is r aarons
Some other rabbis and some from my parents
In my hip-hop philosophy
I promise to be honest its
My humble quest to get at the emes
'fore I describe things how I see it
Let me define what I think that G-d isn't...
Wontcha please solve with me where we seeken' and what we believe'n in


A Third of american budhists are jewish-
And Dude it sure shtimms
For They long for religion
But the garbage they're given
Couldn't prompt bowel movements outa pigeons
Clergymen try and convince them
That Hashem's
Some Invisible guy
Spy high up
In the sky- yup!
And Like a
Stalker he wat'ches
Vigilance hawkish
With Vio'lence he puni'shes
Violators of his list-
Lest/ you/
Dive to a place filled with smoke and with fire
Then in anguish you'll fry and you'll choke and you'll cry out
Forever and ever 'til the end of time!
But He loves ya
And he needs money from ya
And Jews run to budd-ah
Is it sucha wonder?
You can call em Hinjews-
Those Whose
Unconscious impulses for truth
Pulse through their arteries
Uprooting actually
That which happens-
To ooze through sporadically
Misconstrued haphazardly
Tragic confusion concludes in catastrophe
Vacuum a sick religion and it has to be
So ill ventilate as ain sof paves the way
Hiphop philosophy- rhythmic dus shtate
Thank G-d for the atheist
Breaking the archaic images
That primitive religionists spray as they say it
Setting the stage for the end of days
When knowledge will radiate straight from the rays
The world will acknowledge the heavenly kingdom
As Divine waves bathe us with heavensent wisdom
Achi, stride beside me mamish
In Rhyming nonchalance
We will ensconce the renaissance
I promise

Herenstein cmon u gotta admit it
How bchlall can a rationalist possibly be religious
Its full of logical problems and internal contradictions
Honestly its obvious that nothing left is obvious
The path is dark and ominous
The labyrinth that I'm against
Ascertain my providence
Manifest my hidden strength
I battle on with confidence
Jumpstart my spark as darkness ends

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