Madoa - Sunshine [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Madoa
Album: Witt
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: One Love

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Tekst piosenki

[Hook: Madoa]
Sunshine on me let me feel your rays
I need you in my life to lighten up my day
Sunshine on me offer up my praise
My sunshine..sun, sun, sun, sunshine

[Verse 1: Madoa]
Ask me no questions I'll tell no lie
My wing span grew but I failed to fly
My son's brand new so I held him high
Not with his mother right now ima tell him why
When the time comes
Til then take your time son
Grave yard shift rest when the grinds done
I'm trying to seize the globe go international
Brand new day turn the page like Satchel
Back to my travels
Game unraveled
Tried to stop me in the red but I broke another tackle
I'm on the goal line doing a slow grind
A g for a verse like a opened a gold mind
M audio speakers m box
Popping off like muskets and flint locks
College educated still keep the brim cocked
To the side for that ny pride
Not from up north but to them I slide
Biggie ,nas to them I ride
Yea; and I ain't tryna the shade I'm looking for that sunshine


[Verse 2: Nic Mercer]
Early rise and I grind
No late pass I got class with the way I set sail
No flag for this up north wave
In the tri state I was raised
To play the park bench with the ones who misbehaved
The ones who couldn't handle not seeing their pops
The ones who turned vandal with graffiti exposed
Some sold drugs always ducking them cops and the rest no choice but to master their flows
I'm here years later avoiding the rain
Cause I seen a lot of tears I umbrella the pain
Still remember the screams, family falling apart
But I pulled it all together when that cipher would spark
A lot kats tell me Nic the world need to hear you
I'm like this is therapy to keep a clear view
I never played sports but my pen game wicked
Running down the lines touch down and other written
Now a days I recollect all the work I put in
All the times I rolled one up letting the highs blend
As the fog clears, its a new light
Building under sun rays till the day turns night


[Verse 3: Jay Royale]
Sun shined on me, God opened up his window
Rep for the fam, hold it down like a Winslow
Hip hop saved me I feel it when the wind blow
Now I need it every day and night like a nympho
Rain coat you can find it on the night stand
Lord know's I wasn't always on the right plan
Haters took shots but the word's didn't graze him
Can't bring me down when that feeling is amazing
Step out side of the booth I turn to Clark Kent
Summer days, summer ray's hit this dark tint
Designer shades, gold chains, spot me from the rafters
Now tell I look like your favorite rapper?
Forget dat break'em off like a kit kat
Ebony and ivory dimes call'em mix match
Madoa scooped me, now we dodging groupies
Headed to the stage, we had these dreams starting in the ninth grade
Lights so bright contact we gettin blazed
Lyrical high, now my visions farsighted, nights passing me by
Gonna take alot of jet fuel to get you this lie

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