Mason - 3AM in PG [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mason
Data wydania: 2015-12-03
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: YoungBrownandGifted
Tekst: Mason

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Mason]

[Verse: Mason]
Passion is nothing if you ain't got the heart to prove it
Life ain't always on cruise but I love it and do not confuse it
I figured out that you don’t gotta take a shot to do it
But when all this shit comes for free how do you not abuse it
Y'all don't know the half this life I still would chose it
So fuck all that I got my cities back so let's do this
Gifted Records, I’m guessing you'll never doubt for a second
Now that we're grabbing the mics, we've got all your attention
Y'all probably aw struck, that's just what I'm guessing
As I watch all their jaws drop, listen to what I say for second
Man all these bitches so cocky coming out with the freestyle
I sat back for a meanwhile and developed a mean style
Now a mix of Schoolboy and Rocky, y'all just old and senile
I got an electric body and I'll shit on a green mile
We've got the strongest team but I’ll bet you’ve never heard us
Still wondering if I should carry the burden
Do I get attention if I commit a couple murders
Man what I gotta do to make it
Tell em I've been around since the 80's
Tell all the ladies that I got a Bugatti with a fellow Mercedes
Maybe wrote section 80
Hop on the internet and beg all the people to play me
Say I make a mil every time that they pay me
Or act like I made it, like 10 outta 10 what they rate me
Nah we fight to get by cause money's spent on the times
We'll get drunk and get high until there's light in the sky
Still we'll stick to our grind hip-hop till I’m blind
You ain't gifted you falling behind as we occupy all the skies
All the way up to cloud 9 two kids game changing with rhyme
Fuck the world it ain’t for you or Nas bitch the world's all mine
And y'all are not gonna knock us off
So step off, you can bet all, you want but you're dead wrong
I said songs are like lead bombs
Now I'm hear to test all that get off
Dissing these next stars
Because as soon as you hear this
I'll be in a Benz with three gear shifts
In other words I got a lot of drive inside
So hop off, or come along for the ride
And I’m not gonna stall
See I'm on to you all
Shoot straight for your abdominal wall
While ya mama fondles my balls
As I wonder the halls
Not many answer but still I call to you all
Think on the ups, and ponder the falls
Believe it or not I am still dreaming
I start to believe that I can succeed
When y'all could say that you're leaving
My heart will still beat and defeat
All the demons I am still breathing
Was weak, now a week at a time I see the light through my speech
Speak my mind to these streets handle all of this heat
Backed up by an entire fleet of liars and cheats
That seek to murder these beats
Throw them headphones down our sound is way to complete
Fuck up the speakers we still can
Trots, YBG, Jared, and Milk Man
We’ll handle all of it easily, this shit is a breeze to me
I'm dreaming for reasons that mean this the season is beating me
I just stick to the beat and we continue to speak to these
People no steeple will keep us from reaching these
Heights that we aim for, cause I never aim low
Get what we came for
The game might be tame somewhere over the rainbow
But not here, so grab your gear, live in fear when I'm near
Steer clear, throw it to fifth gear get the fuck outta here
This is our year
And we're not gonna stop bitches hop off the cock
We'll take out a whole city square ya we'll knock off your block
These streets about to get hit with a heat wave
What do rappers even talk about these days
I ain't gonna brag about all of the money we made
I ain't made nothing yet, but keep an eye on them beats Dre
But lately I'm facing
A wall at every step as I'm pacing
Feel like it's against the clock I'm racing
I continue to fall behind and I'm chasing
A dream that I once had so long ago
Before the late nights and the alcohol
Before my friends and me all went broke
That summer smoking weed watching the world go
But none of that matters when the clock strikes three
Try to fuck with me you catch disease
I mean try to fuck me you catching STD's
Psych, but I don’t give no fucks don’t try to battle with me
So fuck an applause, and don’t try to appease
When I’m around teeth chatter something happened to me
Gotta meet a quota for beating on these
People who always seem to wanna be me
I'm bout to shut 'em all up and say, Welcome to PG

[Outro: YBG]

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