Mega Ran and Storyville - Artillery [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mega Ran and Storyville
Data wydania: 2015-02-17
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Small Professor

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Storyville]

I could tell it, the way it's been told
Been soulfully gold since I was ten years old
Cuts cold like deli before young adulthood
Looking out for little sister now she's med school all good
Still mean and menacin', pennin' my penance and
Vent for my aggression, so first second stepped in
On beat one of the very first bar
I'll have everything in side of me coming out strong
See I was the little kid the one that was never tough
In most fights growing up, picked up some leather gloves
I'm 5'6" but I'm 200 pounds
With a left uppercut that feels like six chamber rounds
It's always been a part of me, battle rap champ partially
Machinery, Artillery flow through my arteries
Blood is burning up, pen to pad, word is up
I'm murder em' like Kosovo soldiers serving in Serbia

[Verse 2: Mega Ran]

Even if I'm never filling arenas
At least I gave it a shot like Gilbert Arenas
A couple thousand twitter followers, you still ain't a leader
A couple big name features, and it still ain't a heater
People think i made a name off sampling soundtracks
I made a name in the cypher rhyming around cats
Who snapped at the drop of a hat, no beat necessary
Now they drop paper, like a weak secretary
Even if you gotta hit wikipedia to catch up wit the references
As a youngin', I knew that i was different
They was into Jordan, and I was digging Pippen
Practicin my writtens, banging tables in the kitchen
Making Multiple revisions till it's undoubtedly hittin
Make me wanna holla like Nathan McCall
Ain't nobody lend a hand when I was making The Call
Now i'm abroad taking off while you hating your boss
Finally we seeing profit after taking a loss
I don't need the accolades, cause I know they see
Carmen Sandiego plays the game to locate me

[Verse 3: Storyville]

You can make moves in June, be the hottest in August
In September not remembered, and that's just being honest
If you get over in October and make it through cold February
You can walk toward longevity like I do regularly
I handle the mic, and handle my mechanicals
That means the sales from how well the album does
I got my PRO, I'm on my B-I
I'm a GI Joe, with moves like CGI
The team strong, that's why we hold the upper hand
It's Storyville, Mega Ran, in between: ampersand
Put up a pound sign in front of the word "bars"
And twitter message that shit to the aliens on Mars

[Verse 4: Mega Ran]

This is Biff Tannen with the almanac in the DeLorean
Bully with the flow and it's a given that I'm gonna win
Since I was a shorty I could captivate an audience
Your rhymes are outdated from the moment you recorded them
Southpaw, with more bars than a pedal pub
The impact equivalent to a metal slug
My style is that of an orphan who was never loved
Skills missing like coatrooms in ghetto clubs
And all of my material's the truth
So trying to follow Random is a trivial pursuit
And meanwhile keep the Red Cross on speed dial
Natural disasters when we up in the booth
And also, we the perennial all-pros
You drawn though, listen much longer and talk slow
Jarbo, raw flow, fresher than fall clothes
It's Mega Ran, Storyville, Small Pro, y'all know

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