MICAH - Attention All Haters [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: MICAH
Album: Now & Forever
Data wydania: 1998-07-17
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Micah]
Aw yeah, once again y'all
It's the one obsessed [?] directions
Hit the shortys up with full protection, you know I'm saying
But this time I'm gunning with my man Tech N9ne
And we comming y'all, worldwide, live and stereo
We gonna let you haters know
Who we are and what we stand for
So peep this shit out cause we ain't gon' say it no more
So Tech I know you ready to give down, lay it down
So go ahead now and kick that MO flow, you know I'm saying
Check it out, yo!

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I in for the party with my partner Micah
Bitch niggas hit us like we ficah
My [?] stole from 'em, flow summon
[?] part of the universe, am I gonna tihs kcuf
I'd rather stop than right around that'll make that ass hop
Nigga that's midwest in this bitch
Cause your thangs be late it after gang related drop
Bitch niggas are doomed
Cause this summer we comming thru', know it when you hear the
We come highly lyrical crisp with every syllable
Pitiful how the bianc's are finding my soliloquy fillable
Me and Micah's bout to light up the city with rhyme shit
Grime grit, even if 103 don't play our tihs
I ain't tripped, cause I'm packing or jocking these hoes
Rocking preposterous flows, not mocking so I can explode
You cannot find a better rhyme than me and Micah design
Bury haters in pine cause I'm popping the TEC-9

[Hook x2: Micah]
So to you haters out there keep hating
We in it for the long haul, we stand strong and tall
So keep waiting, but we will never fall
For the dumb shit cause we know it all

[Verse 2: Micah]
We bring the clubs to the street yo and vise versa
[?] to fight worser
Be the first to settle for heavy metal
Cause no matter where we go bro it's all ghetto
Niggas pack back the riddles and bad thoughts
Mind possessed like some devils with bad hearts
But even no it's less with bad thoughts
It's hard to stay alive in the city with too many bad parts
Never catch me in the wrong hood though, it is all good though
Cause we gon' feel bass to nose, 15 pros
Blastin' it, glass tinted
E-class with some ass in it
With shortys best friend in the back flashin' it
But ain't a pimp we been always finna cashin' it
And can't wait to freak 'em both passionate
Cause yo this is how we crashin' it

[Hook x2: Micah]

[Verse 3: Micah]
And like I said once before, I say once again
Trust no man [?]
Especially the punk who think Lee suspected
That [?] that got bitch infected, dick injected
Now you sittin' there sick and tested
Wanna shove 'em down but you feel molested
Gettin' told you bro now she wasn't worth time invested
Ever since your ass got arrested
Now she's doing in conventional with some times double breasted
And all they had to do was request it
Is a mess kid, she's a freak bro and that's enough said
While you getting convesary, she was giving head
While the kids bedtime and Jerry getting fed
Mamas getting busy in the bed, blood shots red
And you caught her, fought her, [?] her
But you ain't gon' rest till all the niggas is dead

[Hook x4: Micah]

[Hook x1: Micah]

[Outro: Tech N9ne]
Yeah, that's my nigga Micah
And this that nigga them call Tech N9ne
You know what I'm sizzling?
Straight from Missouri
Born and [?] in Missouri nigga
I like to thank everybody who
Gave me love on, Cloudy-Eyed Stroll and Mitch Bade
And my nigga Micahs 'bout to come out and blow this motherfucker up
Like to thank everybody in Kansas City, Missouri
You know what I'm sizzling?
But I really can't say thanks to KPRS
Because you know, imma tell you like this
Niggas in Kansas City is about to do big motherfucking thangs
We trying to do big motherfucking thangs and nigga doing shit on gang related now I'm game related nigga, now what?
They don't wanna support us, they don't wanna play our shit
Motherfucker gon' tell me, well if we play your shit Tech, um we gonna have to play everybody elses shit in Kansas City with their basement tapes, motherfucker my shit is licensed
You know I'm saying that nigga Micahs shit is licensed
We doing this motherfucking thang nigga
We trying to do big thangs in motherfucking Kansas City, Missouri
And they ain't supporting us, you know what I mean?
A nigga Myron D, the first motherfucker I heard they say that he like Questions, how you gon' fucking hate on Questions nigga?
I don't give fuck if you don't like it
I don't give fuck if you don't like it
A nigga from Kansas City, like me and Micah doing big motherfucker thangs, we supposed to be up behind him like 20, 20 like a 100 motherfucking percent, you know I mean?
So, if a nigga say he don't like it that's cool, you know I mean?
But nigga we 'bout to drop this shit, me and this nigga Micah we bout to drop this shit in Kansas CIty, Missouri that's summoned nigga and it's gon' bang and you gon' have to play it nigga
Tech Nina and Micah, like that nigga game related, '98, bianc!

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