MKOFTEN - Wilin [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: MKOFTEN
Album: Scott
Data wydania: 2013-11-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Kelly portis

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Don Scott]

MKOFTEN coughing up flows for offering
Often was on and off again
Charged for these tracks we slaughtering
As I look around all I see's a bunch of novices
Probably why, Ye' put all of ya'll in a sarcophagus
Flows from the esophagus right onto the page
Catch me on stage a sage igniting rage into the heart of this new age
The school of hard Amanda Knox
Those in glass houses should never slang rocks
Props to those with flows that knock your socks
But I'm a still a sober mind with creeping thoughts to relapse
Head home and check my syntax
And then your mail for anthrax
Running ransacks on napsacks
Play my cards right for these greenbacks
No green cards for these wetbacks
Last clap for that crack rap cuz we off that
Miming rhyming in silent asylums
Standing on shoulders of giants
Form and alliance with tyrants
I promise you I'm never playing second fiddle I'm MC
Hammer and sickle cell was writing rhymes while ya'll were selling
Dimes and nickels slime hands up to the sky
Praise Jah Haile Selassie, true rasta
They told me lords never worry thats just faith in the wrong direction
My introspections a rejection of some of ya'll my complexion
No recollection of affection for those who use pens as weapons
Exposed in a matter of seconds, trained in the art of deception
Call me the son of Uncle Sam Jean Claude Van Damme
Curses of ham of African with verses that spam

[Verse 1: Dan Relic]

I'll shout some cat calls spite all my prat falls
Should've would've could've been a pretty chicky's rag doll
Chased by the fast ball and face hits the asphalt
Pseudo Nolan Ryan leaves a rookie with a bad jaw
Rudo when I'm flying turning face once the mask off
Hit a lick and sipping up the liquor licking plaque off
You jack offs get cast off ya bish n nish's sad song
The rich will snitch on tommy hill figure that they can last long
Overactive imagination laced with inpatients
To pray for reigning satan for lack of an altercation
Don't have a habit of wasting
Don't have a cabbage for blazing
Don't salvage the operation pacing with serial status
My minds a myriad madness
Appearing to be on acid
Delirious and I'm dreaming of mysterious arachnids
No matter if that's attractive
The verses are ass magnets
I'll be asthmatic soon from these syllabus mathematics

[Verse 2: Don Scott]

Watch as I calmly kamikaze these nuclear family Cosby's
Some carbon copy commies move like zombies I'm acting cocky
The Glock is cocked on your property
Shotty next in the monarchy
Robbery sloppy mockery, over for the camaraderie
I swear the motto used to be get rich or die trying, damn
Allot of ya'll been getting rich then try dying/diamond, Kobe Bryant
Lion of zion's been trying to find peace of mind
But been cold and defiant starring up at Orion crying, Lord!
Give us this day our daily bread
Get caught selling meds
Claim brutality then sue the feds
For your Sudafeds
Make your bed you better lie in it
Zionist turned to scientist
Run the trap with the grimiest
Giving dap with the iron first
Cured some ditzy Annie Halls with Adderall
Want my lyrics inscribed on bathroom stalls then tattooed on some lost cause
Ya'll out for cars and applause
Caught in the jaws of the laws
We out for ripping it raw until these jaws drop in awe!



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