Momunay ft. Guttah Waters - Urban Symphony (prod. Big K.R.I.T.) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Momunay ft. Guttah Waters
Album: Congo Square
Data wydania: 2014-01-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Big KRIT

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Tekst piosenki

1st Verse (Guttah Waters)

Let that shit breath
Yeah, extravagant shit
Uh, floral print pattern scattered cross the fountain blue
Out on the balcony, overlooking a mountain view
Brass saxophones, orchestra playin out of tune
As my mistress excuse herself to the powder room
Dark silhouette's disappear within a night sky
Bad intentions slowly surface, he was a nice guy
Due to circumstances that was never in his hands
He feel like he went to heaven til' the devil want a dance
But, she rolled her own and then past it, cuz she don't like to face
Says she gets paranoid, she got a bad feelin' she don't like this place
So we dipped, i don't know where we goin' but i like the pace
Should see what state we in
Had to look up out the window at the license plate
Wild nights turn to quite days
Hotels become hide aways
She wasn't used to this life style, but that champagne is an acquired taste
Eye candy for the scenery, its cool if you ain't' wanna be with me
But that new nigga that you chose to stay jus gon treat you like you treated me
I got

2nd Verse (Gri$walt)

I got no time for people only filled with fear or hate
If thats the case then imma bend until you fuckin break
Distort ya face, leave you wishing you could catch a date
Im catchin rays smokin ounces til theres boutta an eigth
Mind on haze, spinning clean like a jordan fade
Raining so much on these hoes, call me the month of may
Woah kimo sabe, mouth on fire wasabi, killin these flows is my hobby
Got all my swaq from my popi, copy cloned and recited
Use my flow better cite it, this my turn I've decided to keep my po'nents ignited
Yeah, take the pretty girl with the black hair to the back lair, she get the mac there
Man its unfair, i got bad hoes, who got bad hoes, they crossed out tick-tack-toes
Suck on tits, but I'm lactose, i attack foes, keep the latched closed
No Plaxico, you stay exposed, i stay enclosed, i decompose all who oppose

3rd Verse (kacpa)

Bump some old jazz tunes in the weed filled rooms, where brooms would be needed
From the ashes left high catching', pass by the river, lickity split, kayak
Rollin' papaya, ohh shyt, afro, she be my disiac, getting' dizzy in the sack
Now its back to the rhyme to the set fuck the rest
Dime for the varse varsity, can't be fuckin with the inter mural
Inter muted, shot right before the interlude
After, paint a mural of a naked honey goin' dummy on my tip
Desperate waitress, contagious, you hear it, you spread it
Philadelphia white on ya bagel, this city of life light through a cable
Regurgitating that fatal, crew purpitrating ya table water desert
Reminded of past occurences, currency is currently
The verdict is poured, sweaty palms from the sword slayin' dragons left and right
Miles play the sax right if she play the sex right
Game kids with decks of cards split get tossed
Empty bottles, soda cans, roaches, ashes, pieces, condoms, and fucked up condos

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Urban Symphony (prod. Big K.R.I.T.)
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Urban Symphony (prod. Big K.R.I.T.)
Momunay ft. Guttah Waters
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