Morning Haze - Proof [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Morning Haze
Data wydania: 2015-10-25
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Goldgrillin
Tekst: Haze

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Haze]
I'll never know the exact words
I got it backwards
Crackbaby bastard
I'm swinging from the rafters
I'll sodomize the pastor
Yeah, cause I got it backwards
I'll take the bitches to the bathroom
And ask her
All she wanna do is kiss
But you can give me that ass first
She gave that shitty top so
I just had to slap her
She's one of the homies now
So when I nutted I dapped her
All these faggots are programmed
I unplugged the adapter
It's cash first
Everything else is after

[Verse 2: Haze]
Real Easy, I'ma rap till I'm dead
But you'd give it all up just for your ration of bread
Could've been brash and then fled
But i took action instead
It's been 3 months since I've crashed in a bed
The stains are actually red
This shit ain't factory bred
Tryna get our stacks in check
While you're harassed by your debt
You on that acidic flex
Yet you still ask to be next
I'm askin' stats to be checked
You like to fap with your friends
I mean yall have to be perplexed
You're only half of me I guess
Man this shit just had to be stressed
Still have your backs to the fence
Can't pick a wing you just act and pretend
Oh shit, it happened again

[Verse 3: Haze]
Shit hits hard, so I stay Mello like the Knicks guard
Shit was tough, I slipped barred
Still broke, no wrist watch
But at least we don't get ripped off
My bitch ugly, my dick soft
But she still rides it, I'm pissed off
Been wiling out, got a thick cough
No time now, that tick stopped
My bitch say I spit raw
But so does she, just the topping, b
No holding me, young Socrates
Honestly, she's on to me
My life is probably an anomaly
Astonishing how you're on a team
I can't hang with these wannabes
This game is just my property
I flipped the board
No stopping me, I fixed the score
Got the world on a computer I tripped the chord
Raining outside, when I sip I pour
Shit, this is written war

[Verse 4: Haze]
Looking devilish
Match that shit with my penmanship
I could answer your question
But see I don't remember it
I'm so irrelevant
The ignorant malevolence
But thats just how it be, yeah
Certified fiend
Scratching for the nicotine
Couldn't find my xanax so I'm downing antihistamines
Look at what this world did to me
Poet with no literacy, literally
Keep it to a minimal please
Before his clinic release
Take the world I rip it with ease

Real Easy, bitch

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