Mr. Len - Love Venom [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Tekst piosenki

[Produced by Mr. Len]

[Verse 1: Brewin]
Parasitic and a critic of God’s gore
You gots all of mine but why
You waits for the next to
Erase my respect
Grab the di-dick
Just do your duties
I’m bout as insecure as you’re the immature
But you gots cooties
Telling me, felony file
Your style’s forever blaow
Acidic your rain and pour
Ignoring my pain
Like how’s the weather, whatever
I want therapy from Ron Jeremy on intimacy
Fuck her under the wind
Into men, see you later
Before the greater good for sure
Using you then cruising through your neighborhood for whores
Delorean whip, the story’ll flip
To the past, Back to the Future
Back to recruit for some masters
Nowadays I’m Michael J. Fox shook
Ya’ll style’s are crazed
But the disciples stay live
Look to the old school
Was y’all hoes too
His mom’s was a freak
But speaking of mom’s
Not for nothing, my Mom’s the bomb
A brother’s zoning
Edible better chill to spar with my father
Cease discussion
Probably gotta be my Mother’s clone in repercussion
Genetic pathetic
I’m head sick
Reaching for love
Reaching above the threshold
I’m stressed yo
What’s up hun
Atilla for real, ya skill destroying your boy
And it’s clearing out your in a ploy, corruption
Now brought
Two thousand and one chronicles
The demonical, thinking of nonsense
Linking with your diamond and guns contents

You ain’t shit to me
Cause love don’t live here anymore
That’s right, fuck you
That’s right, nigga
Pack your shit and leave
Love don’t live here anymore
Sing it

[Verse 2: Jean Grae]
Yo, if you ever find this nigga
He’ll be dead with the fishes
At the bottom of the East-muthafuckin-River
Deliver him straight past the flaming gates of Hades and suffocate him
With corpses of crack babies and burning fat ladies
You bum nigga
Vocabulary limited, primitive mind
Thinking big but only fucking with the average dick size
And fuck Destiny’s Child
Put you on blast on the net
Take your picture up in AOL chat rooms for men (bitch nigga)
That’s right gentleman
A venomous revenge for offending a feminine, huh
Nigga, I should John Lennon you
Find a chick, pack her pussy with heat and fuck lead in you
Fill her mouth with razor blades and have her give head to you
I’m feeling vengeful
Thinking of acupuncture with pencils
Your body stenciled out on my single cover
Accept the murder charges
I’m dreaming of delicious spots for burial plots
Murk you then have necrophiliacs fuck you in abandoned lots
Who’s the mack
Bitch please
Get capped in the knees like old horses
I’ll hobble you, like Kathy Bates in Misery
Chivalry, not
I’ll fuck with voodoo and shrivel your cock
Take you hostage
Make you fuck a prostitute that’s deliberately hot
Catch a clap, nigga
Slash your fucking limbs off so fast
That your Timbs’ stay put when your legs get tossed
You ain’t a diamond, you’s a nun-but chrome
Bitch nigga, black hole for brains
Why’d you back and fuck with a chick who’s deranged
Come on now


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