Mr. Master - General Winter [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mr. Master
Data wydania: 2015-07-20
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DJ Hoppa

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Mr. Master]
Riddle me this. How'll your fans get the word out after
All of their breath's taken away? Tough enough to
Have your parents choose my side. Have you die in an apparent
Suicide. Rap the only time that crime pays. I'm so
Raw. Move like Ray Charles when I rap, I'm blind
And if I did see you and me, it'd be black and white
You move like Ray Charles when you rap cause you lackin' sight
Set fire to you and that blanket you would grab at night. Master
Young Everything You've Ever Regretted. Young
Fact About Yourself That You Have Never Accepted. It was
All good. Anything you dreamed, you could get it until that
Pow came and ruined that whole thing like reddit. Swing
Dare ya. Whatcha gon' do to the kid who immovably
Sees himself as a failure? I'm bulletproof
That young adult slangin' thunderbolts. Aimin' for the
Forehead. Told 'em it was Voldemort. Tip your waitress
Lookin' community to Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton
Cambridge. Squared done Slumdog Millionaire'd the whole
Entire situation. No contest
Master Monkey Wrench thrown to halt the whole process
And the hook would drop here if I had written one
You army strong, but you don't think that army finna run when that
General Winter come? Gonna be first, second
Third, or that one guy everyone says should've won
National City. Northridge. I'm already six
Deep in this coast. I was born dead. Came to drain your
Brain of all the trash it was force-fed. Still got a migraine?
The scar on your forehead. You forgot already
Such a nuisance. And for the record, my last
Record dropped a year ago. I ain't write nothin' new since
And I still got laps on these excuses for
Entries. Take notes, this is how you do this correctly
Heavens to Betsy. Gabriel's back on his spastic
Rap tip. Take cover. You're leagues under
You're gonna take that? You gonna let that
Clinically depressed kid of all people just say that? You're as
Hopeless as you were on the night you were born. And I
Hope you feel ashamed about what you like in your porn, creep
I may show up every Haley's Comet but when I
Drop, it's a Shakespeare sonnet. It's a paintin' by Pollack
It's an ancient Greek goddess. It's a rap
Just checked in to say hi and remind you o' that. But sit
Tight. I've been grindin' my axe. Let 'em know that this year
Mr. Master is finally back. (Squared)

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