Mr. White - (No) Panicking [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mr. White
Album: PremoNition EP
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Sean. O

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1]
And all these fuckers like to
Pick and choose their favorite rapper
Until they got a load of mr. whatever, flow
Wine and cellar, take shelter, from Helter Skelter
I kill that shit sorry, gotta take my pills again, Mr. misfit
Didn't fit in the norm
Had to quiet down, no alarm
Had to lose the cheese, no parm
Now I'm slaughtering, no farm It's gone
My sense of decency, lost in the song
Put my mind into my grind
And then I made a couple of these rights wrong
Not available, because I'm so far gone
Leave a message at the tone, not home
On the road, to be making my repetoire
Grow with experience, like warlocks and dragons bitch
I'm Killer Kam met Son of Sam I killed the competition it's
Not too late to resign
Crowded by sin giving in no crime
Spend time doing rhymes investing in these bags of dime
Recreationally, I twist this and your mind
Joking, no choking, it took a while to be this refined
Da vinci got shit on me, bitch, been rapping since 2 weeks
Its been a grizzly pines, rapidly spitting to reach my peak but
They love me, truth and proof is what I speak
Mixed with rationality blended together with elite
Mind frame, it's a shame, the game is so week
Left em undead, dredging, ledges, like a skeleton creek
The week i started rappin, was the week it got in fashion
What reality was lacking, I embody with a passion
Flashy rhyme schemes, do not fit me
I needed some dreams, to make visually clean
You loud motherfuckers put a plug on your soup sucker
I need some solidarity, to craft these
Fucking hits, by the handful dude
Stripped my mind and soul to to the nude
Not to be rude, but im better than any wannabe mc begin for brews
Is it news that I'm better than you, that I can run it, process faster than fallopian tubes
I move more than I carry
Very scary how hairy my situations get when I'm hitting it
Probably why I'm the white light villain kid it's
Fantastic, doom is my element, spectral shit
Hits like cashius, no restraint, I'm doing this shit
To the grave bitch, to the grave bitch
I beat the beat up and down, make it my main bitch
I am not one for false claims, they get away with more fake tales than James Frey
I'm so ahead of my time you fucks are 'b's knees'
I'm so sharp in the mind I made some ears bleed
I heard a couple of rhymes and thought of cleaning
The flakes like they were dandruff
And hopped off my ego fleeing
Fear is fleeting eating so hungry
And not for a second am I bummy, never got chummy with any body else
Other than me myself and Sean O blessed
That I'm in a physical shape to be flexing in my estate
Of matter, more fatter than kevin james, and cheesecake
3 ways to die, music, losing, and my ego, (right)
My credible persistence only thing between me and Steelo (white)
R.I.P. yo, I'm sorry, I lost some sense of pride (lied)
Lost a sense of pride when I let the others slide
No boogy, In my step, belligerent
Ref, I am traveling
Pec, lift a javelin
In my debt, my love is balanced in
"Check 1 2 I gotta do what I gotta do" Fuck that!
I'm in the tomb indiana make that whip crack
I'm weak as fuck
Never spent a dime on sneakers bruh
Never had a line that I didn't love
Except when I went as the 'paanda'
Chin up like bukkake, notice me like MIB
Get a flashback like mcfly, when I get high,it's your loss
You on the ground and I'm balling out
It's a riot, better get em torches out
I'm flying north, forget about the south
I lost count, ADHD caught up with me
And no panicking, it's a game to me
No panicking, I'm gonna make the cream
No panicking but first let me take another second to please breathe

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