Munee Boy - Thug In Me [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Munee Boy
Album: Self Explanatory
Data wydania: 2014-10-22
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Chorus: Big Swiisha]
I Pray For Those Who Doubt Me Dawg, Yeah Yeaa
This Weed Is What Helps Me Forget These Scars, Yeah Yeaa
And I'ma Keep It Real With Yall
Cause I May Not Be Here Tomorrow
I've Consistently Dealt With Loss
Got Me Feeling Like Fuck You All
But Maybe Its Just The Thug In Me
Ooh Oh, You Never Met A Muthafucker Like Me
Nooo No

[Verse 1: Munee]
You Living In My City
What A Catastrophe
Left With Apostrophe
They Finish We're Dead
Got A Bitch From The Other Side
Talk About She Wanna Ride
Wanna Go For A Lil Smoke
Fuck Around Do A Homicide
Get Your Cap Peeled Around Here
Homie Talking Loud
The Money & All The Caine
Put A Filling To Your Mouth
The One In The Fam
Who Point They Fingers & They Doubt
The One On The Block
Who Had To Choose A Better Route
The One Who Stands Out
Like Generator Back Up Lights
To The Blackout
Got A Couple Goons
Last Name Marquez's
That'll Put A End To All You Pacquiaos
Leave It On Cruise Control
Let's Light The Smoke And Get Blown
Some People Hate That I'm On
I Say Fuck Bitches, Don't Trust Bitches
These Pigeons We Call Bitches
Codename Encase The Feds Listening
Homie Nowadays Close Friends Snitchin'
And The Fake Gettin' More Recognition Goddamn (Oh Lord)
Everyday Another Rule
They Trying To Make Us Weak
So They All Attack The Youth
I Try To Spit The Truth
But I'm Just Another Voice
Telling You, Gotta Keep Up Peace
Cause No Peace Surrounding You
If You Really From The Struggle
Don't Complain About A Bruise
Lord Forgive Me


[Verse 2: Lil Cuete]
You Ain't Free From The Pain
You Just Hide Behind The Image
Come On, Show Me What You Are
Don't Just Write It In A Sentence
I'm A Muthafucken G
Man I've Done My Dirt
Ask Around My Hood
Man, Cuete Got Work
Always Been The Baddest Since Birth
Banging My Turf
Tatted From Feet To Neck
You Disrespect You Eat This Tec
Till You Shittin' Shells
Bleeding Lead
Shout Out My People That Vibing With Me
You Just Addicted Like Bobby Whitney
Been In Worse Situations
So I Feel No Pity
Better Duck From These Slugs
In Dodger City
Slang The Gritty For The Needy
Put Some Meals Up On The Table
And To My Dawgs That I Bomb With
I'm Never Unfaithful
Rest In Peace To Nate Dogg
Still Keeping It Gangster
Like Paul George I Gotta Ball
But I Don't Fuck With The Pacers
Got Clippers On Deck
That'll Send You With Angels
These 49er's Will Run Through Your Pad
And You Can Call Us The Raiders
But You want This Life Huh?
With These Riches & These Bitches
Lowriders Hitting Switches
Well You Gotta Work Hard Ese
It Ain't Easy Being Different
We Brown & We Gifted
Smoking OG
That Your OG's Don't
I'm A Real OG
Muthafuckas Better Recognize
My California State Of Mind
There's Only One Way Little Homie


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