Mykestro - Set Precedent [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Mykestro
Album: Barmittzpha
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: DJ Battlecat

Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Mykestro]
Hey, I hear skills still slept on, maybe I recollect wrong
Maybe me writing in retrospect that kept home at a standstill
Me and my Chevrolet roam
The song of salvation until my larynx gone
Never rigid in resurrection was never set in stone
Plagiarist proof endeavors embedded this alone
The subject at hand as if my predicates on song
Set precedent -- I'm addressing the elements indulged
In finesse, your less eloquent rhetoric is strong
Where I reside at, I see irrelevance condoned by the delegates
Their regression is evident they own
What I been off, fuck it since it's the samaritan's I sold
I'ma represent for self in detrimental tone
And I'm taking the front runner of presidential poles
No arrogance, shit I just got my [?] on
Vulgarity is - the only heir apparent to the throne
Can't run in the Serengeti in the [?]
Young and I'm ions beyond the box
Flow free on, but still will Ghost Recon a cop
So phenomenal by design, we still pushing the envelope
No keyage to vote, but uh, most agree I am hope for the coast
Low key I'm consulting the triage of folks
On me I'm the most slept on

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Stepped on, step songs, father of rap songs
Writing my wrongs, writing the book of psalms
This is the word, word to the Holy Quran
Or whatever that's foreign to you
I find it funny that you embracing the storm
Wake up, ring the alarm
Or wake up with a bomb through ya
Its Baghdad, kids with bad dads
Cops with bad badges
Big bullets, no "my bad"'s when them guns shoot you
Mykestro, I might go out as the Mike Jordan
Lacing my Jordans and yelling out ISO
Ike Turner your idol, whip him and bruise him
Stick poison inside of his pipe-hole, sad that you knew him
We influence the heart of thousands
That's nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand but who's counting
Thirsty for success and we drink from the youth fountain
Big-headed tryna stay grounded like a delinquent in middle school clowning
Drowning MCs, they want life jackets
While we swim backwards, we yellin' "nigga please!"
Pay your respect and recognize the alphabet
You can't survive in a room full of Gs
Coached by my Uncle Lil' Mane, I resemble him
They tryna steal the game, and we killing all thieves
Make them draw blood, let them all bleed
Motherfucker die, put a ribbon in the sky, tell Stevie Wonder sing
King of all kings, Joker and new jacks will get dealt with
Royal flush when I drop shit and say these things
Man I lean on them cause half these niggas Maybelline: all made up
I'm about to go dummy on a dummy what-what
Treat some like welterweights stuff in some trunks
Fucking with a giant, I'm Forest Whitaker sparring with some Forest Gumps
What you want!

[Verse 3: Mykestro]
What a dilemma tryna deal in charts
What incentive? See I'ma definitive nigga for starts
No one similar, iller the way I deliver they harp
I be rhythm and riddlin', settin' the symbols and sentiments
Diligence, then again I did administer art
In percentages, this is just another sinister star
So consider this exhibition as a privileged par
And watch the metal arc, lemon my part
Shit's riveting what I've written til a nigga depart
By the dividend, considering the withering of words
Nothing realer than the urge to revisit all the shit I been hearing
Emerge through provision and of nerve
We stern, this here is endearing and deserved
Nothing like yall as far as error is concerned
You don't know about us, then your earrings to the curb
Sermons be piercing to your courage
For real -- Against All Odds -- I'm the fiercest with the term
The nonchalant nod when the iffiness occurs
Hella picky and it's sweated out the prissiest of perms
I walk in the room, bitches Vicky's get submerged
Shit that used to be clear, the vindictive be the blurred
And I ain't satisfied til the dense of me can splurge
At the embassy my enemies can burn
I defer all amenities with hopes that my sins will be adjourned
Niggas diddle my abilities, the remedy concern
We at SkillStillAppeal, let the chemistry converge
And the trilogies, the humility is in the urn
You ain't feeling me, the new humidity is here
I'm so in between being Kenny G and Murs
If shit don't blend like Hennessy and [?]
I encourage infamy, you get an empty me and turn

[Verse 4: Kendrick Lamar]
I return before tables get turned
It’s my turn, spur of the moment
They re-produce my sperm and try to clone it, stand firm
Bumping The Firm, Phone Tap, I’m on it
I slaughter every opponent to bits of components, potent
You can’t fuck with the horse power, your woofing too much
Y’all bout to hoarse coward, as soon as I buss, pause
You put your hands on a broad and telling me you can brawl
You thought you saw me when you saw Saw, frightening
More reckless than a paisa driving without a license
Hittin’ your new truck then leaving you hiking
They said no, the industry let it go
I cracked the window then hit the back door like trick dices
Stickin’ and movin and movin’ and stickin’ the prices
Uppin’ the ante before I'm a antique, can promise you hear me clear
Even if you eat 3 ears with Tyson
Rippin’ the panties but bootin’ the wammys
They dyke and I’m liking them all, I’m siftin’ through panties
Haters’ll spike it
Voicing opinions but holding laryngitis
See I don’t hear ‘em, I’m a winner by law
Track em down like the subway when they sub-par
Sub-zero everytime I jump in the synagogues
Send the angels, send the God
I can make you look hard, I know
I just let the thoughts take its toll
More sentences than level four yard, Bogard
Go hard, black tar, concrete, Tom Vick times Papi Mason times 3
Uncle Toms need Tums to stomach atomic bombs
Or die from my Wizardry
RZA, GZA, Method Man
I’m a Killer Bee, killer! Be killed, make your embassy yield
This is not your cup of tea, and oh
They say waters run deep, dive in, Bermuda triangles
And you will see us, we must leave dust behind
Emcee’s duck, deduct, revenue declined
When we touch down like a Running Back’s grind
Can you keep up or keep away for keepsake
And [?] fuck!
We must leave dust behind
Emcee’s duck, deduct, revenue declined
When we touch down like a Running Back’s grind
Can you keep up, you keep a safe for keepsake
That ain't safe - Bluh!

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