Paleface Picasso - My Life [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Paleface Picasso
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Exec. Producer- Travis Hickey

Tekst piosenki


Intro-They say life is an illusion……But my life's been real
Daddy was a gangsta, daddy was a soldier. Daddy had the weight of the world on his 2 shoulders

Verse 1
Im feeling lost here
Everywhere I walk here, my life’s in the cross hairs
Im off my square, but everybody’s off theirs
Skeletons in the closet. I'm dusting off the cobwebs
People presumably think that I'm who I use to be
But this community’s full of hypocritical lunacy
The pain brutally molded a man beautifully
But still its hard for me to humanly handle the scrutiny
Cause mom and daddy always said I’d be a millionaire
But when that dream disappeared it was if they didn't care
Beware, when your deep in despair nobody’s there
Better say a prayer before ya damaged beyond repair
I've squandered multiple scholarships and the consequence
Was turning Major League prominence into prison politics
But I was only 19 and had some other plans
But that’s a life that most of yall will never understand

Hook- That’s my Life……I can't be everything you want me to be
My Life…………But that’s my life….I gotta move on
My Life…………….Your opinions don’t mean nothing to me
Cause in my Life……….All I can do is be me

Verse 2

Solidified veteran
Music is my medicine. What a wonderful sedative
Flesh void of melanin. That’s a delicate element
But still relevant to my growth and development
So I toast to skeletons dwelling in elegance
And yall can save the slick talk cause it insults my intelligence
Its time you heard the story of pain and purgatory
Bitter cold blood was freely flowing through my circulatory
Trading war stories in laboratories the crematorium burns glory
On the path before me, an army
Of soldiers with spread wings lamented the king
The hands of time stand still while the pendulum swings
I articulated my place in this crooked republic
Then cowards shot me in both legs, the buttocks and twice in the stomach
But yo, my resume will speak for itself
I don’t need cosigners I can speak for myself


Bridge (repeat second part of intro)

Verse 3

I’ll never be the best, never be the realest rapper
But yo, Ill never be a slouch and never be an actor
Ill never close my eyes to the lies and let it ride
Ill never say never if never will never survive
Ill never disguise all my music with popular vibe
Ill just be me, and let all you people decide
And man Ill never be better that you……
That’ll never be the truth, man I'm better than you
Ill never glamorize the streets. Never dodge all the daggers
I've gathered throughout the years from these cowards and backstabbers
And Ill never be anything except the man I'm born to be
Cause if you can't stand on it, your flirting with forgery
Ill never trust a smile, never break another vow
Being took advantage of is something I’ll never allow
And even if I never make it to the top
Man I promise you Ill never stop. Like it or not…


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