Paleface Picasso - Anti-Rap God (menimE) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Paleface Picasso
Data wydania: 2014-11-01
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Travis Hickey

Tekst piosenki


(Poodle clean-up isle 7)(How much is that doggie in the widow)
Mommy, I want the one with the Paleface (The one with the waggley tail,…)(Poodle clean-up isle 7)
Marshall wake up (Poodle clean-up isle 7) Marshall, WAKE UP! (song: Your Favorite Whiteboy, on
Detroit Radio station 107.5) Turn off that Radio, it’s time to goto SCHOOL!
This is warfare not a battle rap. My battle scars are real from stomping around the battle field
With these tattered heels on my boots from the shattered grills of troops that I kill on every track I build
With a battered shield the pen and pad will reveal the weaponry that’ll leave you imprisoned and
While its hitten you with lethal precision. You better call ya physician, because ya dealing with a man who
Stared death in the face….and left the reaper in a fetal position
Rap God? Are you kidding me? Eminem spelled backwards is Menime (reverse:Eminem)
Eminem spelled backwards is Menime
To the one true God you’ve admitted you’re an enemy as I reveal the truth of you and your pagan deity
Meni is the god of luck fortune and chance and for years you’ve advanced inside of his evil trance
Now let me enhance, your understanding with just a little glance of a circumstance to validate my stance
Meni was a god who was worshiped by Arabs
It polluted the kingdom of Judah in the rein of Ahaz
Now take a second and read Isaiah 55:11 and 12 or suffer the same fate that they had
(What an excellent day for an Exorcism)
When you said you was “packin a mac in the back of the Ac”….you blatantly bit Big Pun
What type of God does that? Blaspheme! Get’Em
Paralyze’em all with poetry patterns and co-inhabited syllables that’ll shatter and splatter your brain matter
And drain bladders of cowardice rappers. So hey Mathers, why you scared to drop my name when ya fame matters?
It’s simple and plain, the brutal pain will penetrate ya capillaries and veins, my adversaries are slain
With a machete type vocabulary, breaking these imaginary chains. Im salivating, like a savage
There’s 1 in every game. And I’m walking through the flames unscathed and unphased
You lyrical slapbox, I automatic gun blaze
With the Word of Life I murda-a-mic. Speech shining brighter than sun rays.The beast is uncaged
(I Cast You OUT!)
Transition & a message for Eminem: (Laughter) Your Favorite Whiteboy
Menime…..Meni Meni Meni Menime……wishes death on me (Pay Homage to the Paleface)
(עם אותו התקציב, אין תחרות)
Slim your not a God at all
You’re more like Manson. I’m Sampson. Ill put my hands on the wall and push till the columns fall
This disciple of Christ’s the type to let spiritual rifles off
Enlighten youth to Vicodin’s use and hand’Em a Tylenol
Ill bring Solomon’s wisdom inside of insane asylums
I’m radical as Elijah Muhammad’s Islamic correspondence
Code of silence broken, expose the sword to the throat of tyrants
Cloak and dagger rappers, subliminals spoke in silence
I’m a Capadonna, Copacabbana Montana, Osama slaughterin rhymers
Swim with piranhas and ponder
The panoramic view of the drama from Indiana
So hasta manana Mrs Prima donna
(That’s how you give Pun his proper honor.)
Cut’Em up with Arm & Hammer
My wordplay is Peruvian fish scale. To the blindfolded its braille grammar
Or a smooth stone to a Philistine
Or a million civilians whose necks are willingly feeling the steel of guillotines
What goods a million dollar production if you duckin our limited budget
Money’s a substance that means nothing
Man your probably on a plane next week
But bro, your still a snake named Johnny that I Miyagi crane techniqued
Welcome to Dodge City... Paleface, the outlaw Billy
And if we’re slapboxing Drago, Im a southpaw from Philly
And I’ve never been your pupil, in fact the first time I heard you
I was in prison, but knew one day I would emerge and murk you
My influences are G Rap, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth
Lord Finesse, Rakim and Buckshot Shorty from Black Moon
Big Pun and Pac. Top Authority and Twista
Do or Die and Scarface…Em you getting the big picture?
This is OG flow, bro…I live the life I spit about
I salivate metaphors and similes, then spit’Em out
So go ahead and keep ducking me publicly
But bro….its just a matter of time until that’s no longer a luxury
Hook. (Menime)
(Negative Chum, He’s not a god, just a robot)
(laughter) Cause, I’ll be verbally committing surgery, then it occurred to
Me you better call a paramedic, it’s a mental medical emergency

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