PastorDAVE - The End Of The Season [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: PastorDAVE
Album: Spring Resurrection
Data wydania: 2014-04-19
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Pastor Dave]
Pastor Dave got that fire
Who you know that will desire
To come against me
I got Scotty body guard for hire
Got a naughty mami tryna body and I'm gone try her
After the party she's a hottie popping shotties I ain't gone tire
This is the warm up this is the warm up you ain't seen shit unless you roll with me
The crack I spit is as live as it gets you gone OD and be like Whitney
Your girl on my dick your girl on my dick just ask her where her shins be
I heard you ain't playing the game right she only with you outta pity
I'm a spaz on the beat
Like flies on some shit
When I'm riding the street
Is it die or defeat?
I would cry if I delete
Any of my raps cause they're mine and they're me
Like Kim K's sex scene
I'm too sexy
I'll give you that zaddy zick if you let me
Norma you could see you’re rubbing off on me
I’m a go and get the GBS army
With bazooka clips
My shooters slick
Like who could miss
My hookahs 6
Last night scuba sick
He dropped his phone in a pool of shit
And I swear people always assuming shit
Like David you can't rap
Well how I got this shit popping like a balloon and shit
Popping like a balloon nigga
I freestyle in the booth nigga
I ain't had my bars written but I'm a tell y'all the fucking truth nigga
So to fill up some space I'm a spit this shit
I'm a spit the crazy shit like spitting bitch
I don’t give a fuck I’m as real as it gets and y'all niggas just pieces of shit

[Verse 2: Pastor Dave]
Too aggressive, me too aggressive
You got it right I'm pumping weight like a Jewish necklace
Wrote this song in the same time as a hookah session
Now I'm chilling with my homies and we foolish reckless
Shouts out to the Rum Runners they really put me on
Robbie got me big now who gone do me wrong
Big Scottie got me hitting bodies who gone try me
I don't give a fuck I had to shout them out on the song
Did y'all really think I was gonna get on this beat and spit like that, No
I’m a cowboy like Romo
Go circles around you like Ohno
When y'all hear me on a track you say oh no
Y'all call the po-po
Your girl drop the soap soap
She cough and choke choke
Ride me like a pogo
I'm all up on her toto
Leave you colorful like Soho
Snap snap like a photo
Right jab like Cotto
Spit like Orinoco
Cough cough cough cough got mocos
Your raps are so so
Austin powers you’re about your mojo
Y'all bitches pseudo
Drop bars I’m a throw so
Not cars y'all are so slow
Not hard y'all is hobo
Not par that's a no no
I’m a beat your ass like the Seahawks all over on the broncos
Hold up
Slow it down they can't handle it
Fuck that Speed it up like cracks on the bat like Mickey Mantle bitch
Kilt the beat go and get a candle lit
When I swing it's a substantial hit
They put me in a cage and I’m about to rattle it
I'm badder than the baddest bitch
When y'all seen my crew y'all ran from it
Y'all faker than what Santa is
And I cannot live and stand for this
So I'm popping shots and magnum clips
Sock and bop with fragment bits
Locking Glocks with Batman bitch
Stop I'm not the average
Man I'm so crazy
They like whoa Pastor Davey
You got me feeling hazy
I don't know what it is just save me
I'm like whoa Stacey
Is that your name pretty lady?
I want to poke you later in bed and is your ass fake like how a snake be?
What we have is getting repetitive
Let's take it to the next level let's settle this
I want to be up in your pussy like a resident
Don't let your heart fall in love don't let it bitch
Don't cry why you so sensitive
You act like I really meant it bitch
Your man get outta work any second bitch
So hurry up unless you want shit to get competitive
But I'm needing y'all to understand that
That gangster rap is easy you just rhyme with gat
And Mac
Put it in your back
Call me Darrel Revis cause I always got my corners back
Fake bitches lack
Selling d sacs
I beez in da bee trap
Cause d got some z swag
Cause I'm needing to lean back
We don't dance we pull up our pants where's the motherfucking trees at
Just gangster rapped better than half y'all out there
Not putting myself on a pedestal more like a high chair
I'm on my way to the top and you’re trying to hitch a ride there
Oh no no no fuck that go head and drop the mic there
I’m a grow a beard like a biker
Pull an all nighter
Come out like the best fighter
That came out of Rikers
My swings fast like a viper
Hit you hard like a tiger
Back and forth like a wiper
Nice and precise like a sniper
Like people at the movies y'all sneak dissin
Y'all are all hype like Meek and then
Once I'm on that roll there's no reasoning
Fuck that I'll leave you weak, leaking
Blood all over you like seasoning
Springs over it's the end of the season bitch

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