PastorDAVE - Truth [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: PastorDAVE
Album: Spring Resurrection
Data wydania: 2014-06-11
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Big KRIT, PastorDAVE

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Pastor Dave]
It's funny how I could rap about one thing and not be about it
It's like if I said I love silence but I really shout it
And I am just astounded
Matter of fact dumbfounded
At the fact that I'm not playing when I say that I'm doubted
Listen to UOENO they say Titos the best one rapping dude
Looking at my phone like your luck I'm not smashing you
But UOENO that was a throw away verse that I was rapping dude
Meanwhile I'm looking at your girl like why ain't we smashing boo
Now the people like hey you guys should actually try rapping
Like what I'm penning isn't fire am I lacking
Cause the way the song come out is the same way that I imagine
Full creative control now tell me what I established
I do this for fun, not for counting dollars
I could give a fuck about selling albums about counting dollars
But if me jotting like a scholar gets me counting dollars
Fuck a rhyme, count me in I'm bout counting dollars
And at the moment I'm rapping like I don't give a fuck
I'm just living it up and i been getting bucks
Like I ain't scared I'll never get my life on track I'm in a rut
But I was born in the ruff and my pops got us out homie what up
Homie what's up maybe I've been lying to myself
So many lies that I've been drowning myself
But fuck it it gets me through the day I'm blinding myself
But I'd go against my morals if I'm crying for help
So this ain't me crying this is a therapy session
Go ahead now and bury me with questions
Say everything you hate about me that's inherently a lesson
Maybe I'll change my ways, but that's the fair in me just guessing
These past few bars Have been pretty vague but I shouldn't say
What's in the back of my mind or maybe I could but In a different way
And I would've but it would put you in a different place
A few steps ahead, maybe you'd be down but this nigga ain't
I refuse to be a fool, dancing on the strings you hold
And I couldn't really care less truth be told
But you can't help if your mind wanders and leaves you so
Consumed by a thought you ain't sleeping tho
But ask joey I'm sleeping tho
Been the realest motherfucker since 3 weeks old
Make sure my brothers get it popping on the weekend tho
I don't get drunk anymore so crystal clear is how I see it so
You gone have to pay me to give a fuck like a prostitute
And hey don't get it twisted, it's not just you
It's these motherfuckers trying to get under my skin
But I won't let em in
I won't let em get that win
I'm the type to keep everything bottled up homie
They told me that ain't good I said that's not enough for me
What you mean? I said I been a piece of shit so I ain't seeking shit
Just leave me be self destruction is the least It could get
That's the least it could get
And that'll lead to some shit
But fuck it forget it
Forget it for fuck it
I'm not playing when I say these motherfuckers gone love it
There's gonna be a day where I just hit rock bottom
And everybody gone look the other way like that's not my problem
But until then I'ma keep making music
Gonna better myself and for nobody I'm gone prove it
I'm done I got just 2 more bars after this before I loose it
This food for thought I just hope that you use it

[Interlude: Pastor Dave]
I just hope that you use it
So like...
I was just on Twitter one day and i seen this tweet
This bad bitch tweeted it and it inspired me to write these 2 bars
And after that I lost it

[Verse 2: Pastor Dave]
What's worse regretting you did or you didn't
Or the way you did wasn't the way you envisioned
Or that you didn't you think about it every day every minute
You can learn from your mistakes every day if you willing
Thinking about approaching the situation in a different way will leave you wishing
But if you don't speak your mind in some way something's missing
It's like a hole in your soul feeling some type of way you'll feel imprisoned
This my greatest written composition man I'm way over finished
Man I'm just way over finished
I haven't felt this way in a minute
Feeling like I slave every minute
To not get anywhere so I just slay every segment
Am I wrong for wanting a bad bitch whose ass stands out like Monchy in a crowd full of white boys, or a right from mike Tys boy
Compared to a jab from light dyke boy, I just like noise
Pretty face Shinning it Tito blind fogging you in night boy
Wake up in the morning with some wood she gone chop that shit
She gone go for so long ima say stop that shit
But she don't like when I yell at her she gone karate chop my dick
We gone fight and make up sex ain't gone stop till six
But that's the girl I'm gone get in my dreams
Everybody saying it ain't how it seems
But I just ignore the shit I'm sick of seeing
Fuck it ima wait till I get rich and have myself a Billie Jean
Have myself a Billie Jean
Fuck you and your silly things
Once again I'm chilling in the booth with my wife beater
And on the mic or in life I ain't follow no fucking leaders

[Outro: Pastor Dave]
Never did I follow a leader
Never did I follow a leader
Never did I follow a leader

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