Percee P - The Woman Behind Me (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Percee P
Album: Perseverance: The Madlib Remix
Gatunek: Rap

Tekst piosenki


Keep coming back

[Woman speaking]

Here it comes again
Those powerful winds of my mind
Blowing me toward you
You keep appearing time, after time, after time

[Percee's wife speaking]

Perce we been together a long time
Through the ups, and downs
Baby I was with you since you was on the come up
But now you're considered a legend
You didn't do it by yourself, so tell 'em

[Verse 1 - Percee P]

Back in the days when Perce met her
I was the first ever, kid, did I rehearse? Never
Cats were laughing like, hyenas, I seen ya when I grabbed the mic
And said: "Yes, yes y'all", to impress y'all
Was hard, my God, it was a mess y'all
She said: "Every time you flow
They dissing", I know, "what's missing?
So grow, listen!" what
"you wanna shine put me, in your rhymes
Spend lots of quality time with me"
You'll be fine, master my, tricks or trade
I'll get you paid, when you perform
Watching people swarm like it's a raise
Spend night and day in the shack
With her, to get her to lay on a track
When I'm done I hit the streets, I'm playing her jack
I let her show her ass, while I hold the cash
Like a pimp, collecting from the people strolling past

[Hook - Fredda Payne sample]

[Verse 2 - Percee P]

When I grab my steel mic, and do her, she's real tight
Feels like I get a rush and ready to bust in her grill white
Like twats when she's quite hot, I go down town
Hit corners and pump her in the right spots
More smaller acts yell ho, and call her fat
Behind my back they be feeling her and all of that
Since day one, I stay sprung, she kept me away from
Cats in my hood that like to spray guns, they don't play son
Folks be trying to insult me, hope P, cut her off for another
But this brother don't commit adultery
I play her cheap, but she's hard to keep, from other's reach
Once in her creep, in the street, I peeped her passing in some nigga's jeep
Some times I get bitter, like when I heard this kid did her
And got a deal but I'mma still stick with her

[Hook - sample]

[Verse 3 - Percee P]

Soon as I grip it then, stick it in
She got me busting quicker than a virgin hitting skins like I'm committing sin
I'm blessed to say she takes my breath away
Like when I did her on the song [?]
When they dissed you, still I stayed with you
Devoted, got me quoted, in The Source, 92's May issue
The way I speak and freak you to a beat
I'm getting deeper, others don't reach
To leak, they bust blanks between the sheets
This song I ain't write for emcees
It's "Dedicated to the one I love", like the Temprees
Just in case, any producer's in the place
Want a taste, to catch her ear
I need a snare, and kick the right bass to her
Since this man had a G, ain't another man as bad as me
Taught me a skill, and made a real man out of me
Until those cuties throw their drawers to me
I'm staying faithful to my style, smile, yours truly, Percee P!

[Hook - Sample]

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