Pluto Kay-G & Pluto Spyda - Let The Beat Build Freestyle [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Pluto Kay-G & Pluto Spyda
Album: The Passport Vol 1
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Pluto Spyda]
They say know God you will know peace
But if there's no God then there is no peace
Can't you niggas see you lack THC
You'll never be high , always below me
In high school I failed my science exam
But instead I passed the blunt witch was 9 grams
I was born to use mics I was born to change dykes
Judge me all you like nigga this is my life
Ignorant mothafucker say what you like
Threw up yesterday's dinner on this mic
What to do in a world where friends are few
Act like they care with different intentions dude
I'm lost in the middle of the middle of nowhere
I'm telling you my story, you prolly don't care
Homes you better realize that life ain't fair
So cry like a bitch or get up out your chair

[Interlude: Pluto Spyda]
What can I say , killed 3 splifs today ,should I kill another one?
Haha Oh I knew you would agree yeah
Are we the shit? Are we the shit?
Kay-G kill em boy

[Verse 2: Pluto Kay-G]
Boy I'm rapping for that nigga who they said will never blow
Times were hard was letting go felt the pain but never showed
Quick to be judged on my age said I'll never be that great
Cause they were sleeping on the kid hit the snooze before its late
Cause I've been dreaming for a while ambitions to be a legend
The future blessing the present flow cold and never pleasant
The beginning of the end thought I'll never show up
Old cats on dumb speech bet they'll never grow up
Talking money cars and hoes and that just how it goes
And these niggas always balling but they never turning pro
They should stick to flipping words but they can't do that neither
Never rap for non-believers, this is church and I'm the preacher
Fuck hoes you ain't a keeper, fuck love I never need you
Hey girl its nice to meet you, so fine you know I see you
Deadline shoot the free throw before they hit the buzzer
What goes around comes around fake rappers call me Karma

[Interlude: Pluto Kay-G]
Haha Max is asking what kind of preacher I am
Shit is fucked up yeah man I'm sorry though yeah I'm in the studio with
Marcus though just busy chilling ,shoutout Steezy though
What up yeah Spyda

[Verse 3: Pluto Spyda]
Legends get assassinated look at Julius Ceasar
Why they gotta kill John Lennon from the Beatles
Bitch I think I'm Eminem bitch I think I'm Bieber
She say that she love me, of course I won't believe her
Influenced by Nasty Nas point of view
Don't fuck with many niggas strictly Pluto crew
Will these industry niggas give us a chance
Check me out playing Video Games with Elizabeth Grant

[Verse 4: Pluto Kay-G]
Its murder on random labels, fake rappers were never able
Sip syrup like it was maple, still no offers on the table
I'm sorry you could have told me, back then you use to know me
No reason for you to worry,I'll be good if you don't love me
Haaaa So its flag down at the finish line
You still be spitting lies its a shame and I ain't surprise
It's been a pleasure to school you fools
This is called the Passport, Welcome To Campus coming soon

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