Purpose & Confidence - Vision of Excellence [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Purpose & Confidence
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Confidence

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Tekst piosenki

Tragic Allies
Yeah, yeah, we together
With Cormega
One of the best ever

[Verse 1: Purpose]
My squad will get you
And prove that you artificial
Marauders kidnapping daughters
From fathers who not official
For starters I brought a pistol
Hit you with alot of missles
Sticks stones will break bones
Bullets will scar your tissue
Spitting is not the issue
My mission isn't to shoot you
Or sitting up in a prison
My business decision's crucial
Rapping is what I'm used to
Hustling's in my nature
Flipping scripts
Or flip bricks
Someone is going to hate 'ya
Money coming in plenty
Twenties, fifties and Bennies
But still I'm feeling stingy
Give panhandlers pennies
Can't stand to defend me
One of you do offend me
Rappers be getting oscars but really deserving emmys
Pretenders, fakers and actors
Demonstrators in jackets
Disguised as being rappers
But no mistaking the factors
1 you bitch, 2 you lame, 3 you got a foolish name
4 you snitch, 5 you came hanging out with dude's the same
Use a brain

Check this rhyme that I perfected
Vision of excellence
Precise rapping ability
Oscar award winning
Your shit I'm bored with it
I've been lyrically inclined
Since I thought about a rhyme
Let me put you on your feet and show you what's it all about

[Verse 2: Estee Nack]
Yow I don't even know what else to say
It's been a minute since I felt this way
Making a rapper melt away
I'm about to spray Vomit
It ain't no playtime
I stay climate
Chop them with a blade that was made diamond
Put a hole in you
Where were you and your whack friends
Because my mind's my nine
My pen is my mach ten
Don't ever disrespect a man
And repeat offenses
I don't I recommend
You definitely don't want to get checked again
We higher level rhyming
Rappers grab their pen and get writers block like
Do I really have to come after him?
My verse is scripture like Christ's birth in Bethlehem
And fans like the pharaohees you shouldn't mess with them
Pussy hole rappers
Fans turning robbers
Check them in the street and watch a man turn vagina
Nack I'll be sitting back in my recliner
Smoking marijuana writing versions
Rocking clothes that designer


[Verse 3: Cormega]
My vision of excellence
Reveals a lyrical perfectionist
It's evident when Mega spit
Theroness will everquest
I pull up in that seven
On some mellow shit
Confident under pressure yet
My performance is effortless
Leaving deeper prejudice a test
Though executives slept on it
My mentality empowered me to never quit
I remain competitive
Even when my name is mentioned as one of the greatest lyricist that ever lived
Mega is a writer like Dondi rise you like Gandhi
A fighter like Ali inspired by Heart beats gone B
Beats hidden inside me since the nineties
With crime scenes that have me on remote control
Now my mind's free
The maintain elevator make sure the kids are safe
And live life to the fullest knowing death awaits
I write bars that are real hard to imitate
Many assimilate but they could never get it straight


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