Reem - Chicago Conscious (Remix) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Reem
Data wydania: 2014-05-09
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

[Verse 1: Reem]
Im prayin on the day to bring joy to my city
Niggas out here broke got the nerve to be picky
Give my man some bread cuz i hate to see him shitty
Go back to sellin dope just to make a pretty penny
Keepin it 100 wit niggas that keep it 50
Chicago beef with anybody acting like we 50
I told my bitch you fucking with the greatest and you see me
The realest of the realest and the realest in the city
7 year old babies getting killed for no reason
Niggas crackin cards just to go at all they people
Real niggas get blessed and share it with their niggas
Real niggas fuck bitches and pass em to they niggas
Man these hoes for everybody breakin down a swisher
Put the loud in and ride around to some music
Only took a breath cuz i gotta get to it
But coming from where im coming from you would probably lose it
2 little boys got killed when they was hoopin
All cuz some broke niggas beef and started shootin
Guns got abusive and these niggas they abuse it
And the sad part about it they ain't even make the news
Im tryna get through it so im watching all my movement
Checking bags like nike so i tellem just do it
Tell my niggas stay my brothers and ill treat em like my brothers
Cuz my brothers is my niggas so we eat with eachother
Life is like a dream till you wake up to your mother
Smokin mary j so you know more drama
Still you want commas cooking up a master plan
Goin put in action until mother fucka takes a stand
Obama from the murder cap and he the man
Im in my own lane tryin to see where i fit in
Take a chance with my mans on a cash advance
So we out here every day tryna chase these bands
Making all this money you will never understand
So go ahead and judge man ill still get to it
Them niggas said they winnin but i know they really losing
12 months later still riding in that buick
Coming like im great cuz i know these niggas hate
Looking in the mirror only nigga dont seem fake
Looking in the mirror only nigga that relate

Coming like im great cuz i know these niggas hate
Coming like im great cuz i know these niggas hate
Looking in the mirror only nigga that relate
Looking in the mirror only nigga that relate

[lil herb]
They wanna know who da hottest in the city[who the problem]
Be causing all the drama in the city[with them goblins]
Posted with them 30s and them 40s
All my niggas under 20 but i got 150
Always in the streets if a nigga wanna get me
Dolo in your city but i started off of bibby
Hoes on my dick when i pull up in the hemy
I ain't worried bout any cuz i always got a semi
Dropped outta school cuz i knew i wouldn't be shit
Now its 5 bands if you want me on a remix
Gang fina be rich
Still can't believe this
You still get fired down if you on that g shit
Always need cash i ain't neva on that free shit
My niggas in the street selling drugs or they sleeping
Posted on the block almost on top
I can be up on tour making dubs every weekend
You locked up and you ain't gotta lawyer why you speekin
Hatin ass nigga and you broke why you breathing
Every time you see me you know im with some demons
You better not look crazy you know my niggas fiendin
All my niggas shoot 150 dream team and
Out at my shows got them ninas with the beams and
We the pistol gang and they change by the season
No limit MB 4 L bitch i mean it


[king louie]
This summer imma catch just 5 homicides
Just cuz you rappin doesnt mean that he gonna die
Slide them doors open on the beam let 100 ride
All them face shots need dental to identify
Louie tony me etc. bitch i been that guy
Stay high E.T. I live in the sky
Your bitch on me say she tryna give my dick a try
Takin trips with my rollies and my wrist on rolly
I dont talk to the police[no talkin]
Out west is the fefe
And they put everything on shorty
Main man touch me you die[no worries]
Lyin ass niggas always telling storys
Bitches wanna kick it tryna be another story
Know a couple broke bitch that have been on maury
Know a couple real niggas that convinced the jury
Ima flex that foreign let me get that jewelry
I be smoking everywhere[?]
Strippers love me in the club cuz they know i change the weather
I dont care where we at make his ass[?]
Get him gone like[?] smoke him like a cigrrillo
You can catch us in traffic with heavy metal
Everywhere we travel[pop out]


This shit only for the real middle fingers to the fake
All i do is show love all you do is just hate
Nigga iv been self made ever since 12th grade
And im bout to blow up like the fucking world trade[god damn]
Dont you hate when a nigga fake
Hell yea i already know em most niggas snakes
Smile on there face lie to you to your face
It ain't really shit to them cuz they do it every day
Haters that be coming in all sizes and shapes
Disguising they face fake trying to embrace
But i ain't with that
So i just fall back like nah my nigga im good im straight
Real talk dont hate its a bitch nigga trait
So if you a real nigga then i know you can relate
Looking in the mirror only nigga that relate
So im coming in great cuz i know these niggas hate


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