Salloum - Dark Jam [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Salloum
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Tom Snyder: If you got out tomorrow do you have any scores to settle on the outside?
Charles Manson: Well, most people do themselves wrong
Tom Snyder: But would you want to go get anybody if you got out?
Charles Manson: No. See what they do, see they take all that bad and then they push it off on each other. I told the dude you're doing this to yourself

I spend my lifetime scheming for my right minds dream fulfillment
Gleaming like a superstar illuminant
My energy encapsulates spoken word symmetry
My heart poetry reflects tones of sorrow misery
Survived through and through
I lived to learn, guide through
Hearken souls pious cries died to
Looks of crooks catching hooks inspecting actions fishy
Cat-in-hat knacks serving treats through tricks and traps
Perhaps the day of life belongs to devil moves to do you wrong
Watch your back, arson felons hearken gun shelling’s aimed at lungs
Shun by ones funding runs for seats in office of the metropolis
Softest burned alike moths near the light
Mysteries unsolved revolve on pause
Prizes through heist entice minds to deal in missions vice
Gone awry that could cost lives

Amidst the fountain gardens of sublime
Towards the mountain top of Zion
Climbing through the valley streams
With hopes of finding a sign of prime
More than quartets of a dime
Lights of shine sit powerless against the one Allah
Satan sipping wine intoxicating visions of sublime
I turn aggressive to escape against
Oppressions of those oppressive on the kid
Or could it be my own playing tricks towards directions of the blind
Ways of sin listed numerous- seven to ten, maybe eleven
Assigned seven gates to hell
Unincluding spells within of whom it dwells
Hearts and minds purified
Elevated as a sacred
Angels and demons sit to war for God's placement
Without the hate it's hard to elevate
So I climb amidst the dwells made of spells
Spat out of mouths of minds stuck in jail
Schmoes, foes dedicate a downfall, I thank them all
B^%es and w^@%es sparked the phenom off the bench
Mother nature's potion of emotions flows like oceans
So I play the shore man
A diamond rock solid core to keep me grounded
Soothe the mind of hers to elevate a prime
I turn aggressive through the anxious
Wisdoms channeled from the times of ancient
Reflect the S off the chest
Talks of Salloum
The first represented by the best
They tried to rob me of my jewels
Turn a king to a fiend through exploits of
Those who had in mind a character supreme
But a blur turned to clarity when I heard words of disparity

Through the beauty in life
I keep in forward focus
Manifesting dreams, desires
Head to the sky
A pious empire built out of a fire to spark the blood of heart
I rep my heart to the hardest
A martyr's purpose fulfilled to the fullest
A blood to bless the truest
Alike the monks of Buddhist
Unlike Yehuda the Judas
Once a disciple of the truest
Unlike Yehuda the Judas
Once a disciple of the

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