Salloum - Rock With Me [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Salloum
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Take a look at the kid in his prime
I got a shine worth the blind of diamond De Beer
Sipping wine, thinking crime, pissing metabolites
Three rights make a left
Imperial impressions deducting impossibilities to practicality- I call it mastery
This is how god made me - a sensitive mind
I'm going through life struggles one day at a time
Trying to keep my head above water
Thinking how I'm going to make it
How I'm going to survive
My harsh conditions nothing but the imagination of my mind
So I re-tune, place the stamp of divine on the struggle
Crystal clear, my brain - a skull of chandeliers
Painting sights similar to View of Delft by Vermeer
Coming through and keeping near
Reading books and ancient poems
I see longevity in the wisdom of the knowing

Dreams are very important
If we don't have dreams, we wouldn't be able to notify our minds into wonderful things
It's like a movie, but you can't stop it unless you wake up
I think that it's a feeling

Sages throughout the ages
Speak of knowledge birthing ways for when
Men of sorrow thoughts and obstacles end faded
In the shade, sit the weak to fold without faith
It's a true story told manifold
A reality of this life
My mentality, beyond the average
Who obtain the average salary
But unabout the money
The freedom I spit enables me the freedom
To imagine all the sh^% I gotta get
Star-striped linen poles posted on streets
Universities teaching school children rules of the road
What's this life made of
Nothing but the foul sh^$ they try to make you a prey of
But I pray up so I'm walking way above
Definitions defined by norms
Instigating non-entrance of a prime
Made a part of a process
To leave you longing for basic enterprises
Uniqueness of character spurs birth towards divine worth
Beyond the cash money h&*! I hear spitting through speakers
The same ones speaking the sh^%
The same caught up in the hut
With leeches sucking on their pneuma-nucleus
A realm to keep you glued within the tube unable to move
Lest you get tagged wacko or weird
Now seen as making moves
In the eyes of history at least

Dreams kind of help you really in real life, really, because they give you clues of the future, but very hard clues

Lessons of repression's got mind's suggesting
Reasons for attacking forces of protection
Curfews set depicted as a blessing
Safety of the nation, concealed as oppression
Giving birth to progressions
Spoken aloud quick to fall through reasons unfound
Explanations of the rationale
Murdered down for rowdying crowds aloud through
The rallying about the foul
Souls forbidding to give in to the living given to keep us proud
Too many souls giving in to the living given to keep them around
In the land of the free rich lives live in misery
Where the brave play the game
Make a living through their message and the fame
Where the untamed aim to gain
Unlike the same still thought of as sane
Slaining sons bringing mothers pain
And that's the game

Zoned alone as the lone in the zone
Rhythmic beats heat fire-sparked preaches that I speak
Wisdom-word verses peak in hearts reached
Punctuated, heard, appraised
By the hardest who play thoughts of lyrical say
Day by day I Picture sceneries depicting blessings
Stressing freedom free from oppression
Hard to take in stride unanswered why's for homicide
Hurt souls turned suicidal en route escaping life's tolls
Had them restless, breathing recklessness
Feeling unblessed pressed up against thrones of the best
Flossing glows, breeding foes, heating beef, birthing flows
Soon to cost them in reaping futures to sow
Bro v foes going toe-to-toe increasing sums slain
Grid-locking gains in seek of aims in close range
For some change and a nice chain

Gazing to the star shines in hope of finding life in those who died
Bodies left to rot, sewn in linen, Lennon and those alike
Political decisions hinting in direction of missions
Granted completion without progression towards righteous reasoning

I formulate a quiet mind moving at a private pace
Like the tick-tock of a clock
I hearken energies to energize my deeds
Keeping faith to cure ills deemed to kill my God-given skills
Unfearing those proclaimed for being feared
The great modern plague- the anxious mind state
Creating heaven in hell
So everyday I sure as hell cool my mental
Washing thoughts away conforming me to world embroiderings
Formulating self through renewal of my mind state
Searching speakers spitting wisdom
In seek of peace and wisdom
Hate and fear- toxic chemicals to mold your souls mission
Take notice of the cold souls prone to slow the flow of your soul's growth
Fa sho, Provocator

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