Salloum - Through The Window [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Salloum
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

I hearken life struggles
To sharpen my mental muscles
Like a rock sitting up atop a mountain
With a view of the world below
Soaking heat by the sun's glow
Comes a miner suddenly drilling holes
Exploding rocks
Dusting rust off with his brush
He pours in black powder
Sets a blast off
The mountain echoes
Blocks blown asunder
He grabs the chisel
Saws and cuts measures precise in figure
Drizzles oint for polish
Flourishing and honed
Acknowledged as the final accomplishment
Rising soon atop a monument
Bringing glory unto the city below
The formulation of a stone
From being undermined to having stature of a throne
Wrapped and plastered by delicate mastering

Similarly I put my heart into my art
Gracing every piece of art that I mark
I'm making moves moving through new and improved
Like a turnstile, working
Turning trifles to perfection
Through grit and pluck I climb up from the rough
Inflame hearts with love and virtue
Pious kings birthed from gutter streets where fiends will murk you
Immersed with burdens representing Maslow's hierarchal needs
Food, sex, water and sleep with a place to breathe
Disconnections from the infinite
Breeds rapacious viciousness
Greed they conquer with
Based off fear of what they lack
The cause of happenings for the having and the getting
Losing happiness without the giving

Creative energies I roll with
Create melodic wave drifts to flow swift
Early to rise, feeling wealthy and wise
Creating life opportunities to fly by
Inevitably, I catch luck in the mitt of my glove
A Yogi Berra pedigree
Under the same sky as greats
Who lived and left behind wisdom words before they died
Never late to, I hearken unto clues that shed through
Different horizons catapulting characters
To professions they're disguised in
Attaining levels genius through patience and perseverance
Inward journey's worth embracing
I'm escaping life's spells and mazes stirring strife up
By backstabs and uppercuts of heist
Lusts will turn you from treating others
The same of how you're wishing to be treated
To losing respect, causing distress through neglectful reasoning
The Golden Rule the most simple and plain
When turned complex
Creates misery and pains at the price what
Not the money and fame
The same game to bring stains to your name

Feeling afflicted by constrictions set upon by those to weed them out
Hoes to dig him inside out
Wanting of his seed so they can sprout
Unbeknownst blind to the leaves of his tree
Subtle destruction's deemed flourishing
Hustlers turned prison-mates to being re-birthed again
Potentially re-surging as the next Gandhi, Malcolm or Mandela
The pain of mind marks the place where hearts dwell in hell
Spiritual minerals build interiors imperial
Birthing men of great into Generals
Through morals built upon
Check the notice
Take hints of locusts focused on disheveling your focus

Not a prophet but a messenger
I spit it like a harbinger institute scholar
Journaling povert marvels destitute amidst fatigue and sorrows
Brought about by horrors
Carried out in lands where prostitutes and sharks march at dark
With dreams deemed supreme by ultra-rich mega stars
With metallic bling and lovely cars
Masses exasperated by Ferrari's and Mazda's
Speeding past them at rates of fathers tagging sons bastard
Living havoc, caught up in the magic of the fast life
Trife s&^ creeping out at night
So spit to shed light
Spit the s&^ to lift your mind
Rhyme sublime with aprime-time shine
No need to spliff or cop a dime
For the s&^ I give is free
From me to you without a fee
The more I spread the more blessed I be
The more blessed the more I conceive
I channel ponders of mind
How it rains from my brain to make a track wasn't easy
But I trained and what became became a stain
To change the game in the name of Elohim

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