Salloum - The Last Stand [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Salloum
Gatunek: Rap

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Tekst piosenki

Only then way before he'd begin
Would gray hairs float on back up
To stick atop his head again
He’d sit and wonder on the seats
Where he'd walk and ponder each week
In the park and on the streets, preying on the weak
Committing crimes latched on his grind
Accompanied with signs of hard times
Healed by the icing on his wrist
He lived the vice life til he found his fix
Making way for his prime filled with bliss
He heard the sound of bullets streaming out of Glocks
Held by robbers dropping sprees
On shoppers begging on their knees
Desperately handing over keys, leather pads
Begging please in mercy pleas
Back when it was bad
His end soon began an epic to begin
Steered by fear, made of dare
Bared unfair in a world lacking love and care
Shared in nightmare tales
Sticking up hairs with his deadly scare
They said a change is going to come
Put the face of a man once known to a game so young
The game changed as the change came
Cummed on the sums
Billions got played
Bills got paid
Bill got laid cause Bill helped the game
And from the same gust came a man
Who changed the game for the plus
A warrior stellar-type storyteller
Embarked on teachings of the most high
So I bow to the most high, mos def

In my past I existed as a champ
Suicided by a martyr facing killer drones
Youth bones ricocheted
Never seen it but I heard about it
Turned me grim
Looking to the world from without
When the answers were within
Dumping all to slow my climb
Progressive thoughts to build a character divine
Through a spirit experience worth a mil
Toward a purpose infinitely instilled
Clear signs comprehensible to men of clear minds
Immortal yearnings turned imperils to greatness
Through a wisdom of the ages
By a teaching of the sages
Divine intelligence gained through a flipping of the pages
It takes ages to attain this wisdom bliss
I wonder why the world crucifies the best of the best
Crooked visions to scheme and knock you off your mission
In the end of the age of the innocence
I'm left guessing ways best to progress

How it'd be if they knew who I'd be
Girls given love paved lanes for mistrust
Not a hustler of the drugs
Nor a kingpin of slums
But a fan of the one's and two's til infinity
I spit a punch of rhymes off of what I sign
As the paving of a lane by a brain
Surfing waves, knocking game revealing fate to give me fame
A way to flow like the H2O
Til debt do us part I'm speaking from the heart

A young quarter century
Spitting rhymes envisioning dreams
A lyrical heavy weight
Raps set to tell it straight
One of the greats
Without albums out or records sold
Nothing compares to this soul that flows
Like the Nile with a roar of a jungle tiger
Made of mud
Birthed opposite the sun
Spitting hot fire
An immortal technique telekinetic in reach
Thoughts distant so I bring you en route my kingdom
The young sun drowning out crowds
Trying to drive me down the road
I was driving down once before
Through my choice to explore
Hated it at first, loved it at last
Alas came full circle with the math
Spitting life through rhymes
A vivid mind rapping sorrowness from real pain
Flipping pains to gains
Night to light
Yin-yang's authored right
Pieced to the puzzle
Emceed to shed light
The young thrilla on the Mic

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