Sean Slick - Snapbacks and Tattoos Freestyle (2013) [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sean Slick
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Driiky Graham
Tekst: Sean Slick

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Tekst piosenki

Sean slick in the game
The flow so insane
When I rap this verse, man you can't complain
I'm just spitting my stuff, doing my thing
Spreading the truth with the bars that I bring
So when I spin it like chrome, cling cling
When I spin those tracks, then you know I'm gonna win
So I'm gonna keep it real
Because you know I'm the deal
The game is missing that extra feel
And when Slick hits tracks, you'll never go back
Hot in grime but still better in rap
Got my eyes on the prize trying to count those stacks
I keep it coming while the others keep it whack
Hot bars on my head so SnapBack
People say I'm cocky but I'm stating facts
Got that Tyson flow, think I'm on a roll
Knockout track on the mixtape whoa
That says a lot because I'm destined to grow
The audience is hooked like I'm in control
I'll bring it to you slick, course it will be flawless
Lyrics come sick so you could be nauseous
Watch the bars tick, don't be cautious
Your chicks on my hard drive lets just store this
Get it, because I'm the main attraction and yall just tourists
Wait let me pause it, ok now I'm boarding
This race, you'll never find a trace
Them Walcott bars yeah I finish with pace
Usain Flow man I won this race
Known to your girl that's why she watch face
Got her whipped now she's on my case
If this pound for pound then I'm the rap champ now
So when I spit you frown, you like my sound
You're time is up my time is now
Spitting smart, my flow is loud
Soon I'll make crowds oh wow
Look for a talent you're lost but found
Spit like a boxer I got twelve rounds
Royal lyrics I need my crown
South east born I'm the talk of the town
They shot from edge I got the rebound
Road to success that's where I'm bound
Upcoming artist from the underground
That's Sean slick from downtown
It's a rap city thing starting the rap King
Fly like a bird fam I got my wings
But a wasp mindsets when I spit it stings

Verse 2
Round 2 let me choose
He's changing flow, old news
A rap star with gold tunes
Gonna light the game up like a old fuse
Some say I'm a lyrical beast
Writing raps from south east
My flows kinda hungry and it's looking for a feast
You see my bars they come short and sweet
Fans are the ones to be moving their feet
What I write in a day will take you ten weeks
I'm a gifted rapper you can't call me a geek
And like I said before
Still upcoming
Bars will leave you brainless, call it mind-numbing
If this was a contest you know i already won it
Set records with the flow? You know I already done it
Cause I'm a boss of this game
Live to be a winner cause that's the aim
But I don't live for the fame
Just remember the name
Cause I don't live for shit
All I want is a hit
Now that sh*ts kinda cray
Ain't a nigga in Paris I roll in Uk
Ye; it's everlasting
I'm passing that right direction
Give the viewers a good impression
By setting the bar
Cause I'm a self made star
Yeah and I'm coming ever humble
Always relevant you can never catch me stumble
Soon I'll be counting the stacks until they tumble
I'm a beat guard you never catch me stealing
This tracks a thriller
My lines have a feel like healing
You could say I'm a healer
I stack the cards you could probably say I'm dealing
Got a dizzee bar, let the money rise to the ceiling
See I stay on task to keep integrity
I'm a LDN boy out to get that cheddar G
No mice got six sides, I'm rolling the dice
Got the fans gripped on my rhymes like I'm holding a vice
See the lines makes sense like chicken and rice
If you paid for that joke you'll get it for a really nice price like
See I'm licensed to thrill spill you with these hot rhymes
Do this all the time
But saying it quick
And making it click
Lyrically intense and flow is delivered with it
It's slick

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