Sedulous - Feel it [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sedulous
Album: Bive EP
Data wydania: 2014-11-14
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Dice

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Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Sal & Absent]
Cause you always got to remember
To just have, GoodTimes (Laughing)

[Verse 1: Actev]
Since fourteen they seen the ambition in my eyes
That were blood shot
Know people on meth, rotting away when their blood clots
Times up than the clock stops
Pure pressure can make your heart stop
Fuck your wi-fi this the hot spot
Come and feel the Bive, come and feel alive
If you ain't talking money then your wasting time
But this creep life is priceless
Rob your high tech devices, to feed the mice
Yes we talk about the cheddar, you rappers talk about whatever
Fuck the fame don't even know what that means
I'm even scared to live the american dream, Lord please
Take this mercy off my soul
When ever night molt liquor, wishing i can afford patron
Killing my body by drinking getting stone
Fuck it, i rather be alone
But nothing better than this life when their all taking life
Makes me wonder when their taking mine
But hope they do it soon, brain dead from hair spray bottles and helium balloons
MD's mad trees moms mad at me, god what does that mean
Fuck fitting in, i'm just being me

[Hook: Actev]
No there's no price on my soul
I hope i find my way back home
This brew better kill me now, this splifs bout to hold a pound
You can't be drunker than me, higher than me
All graffiti artists are my military
Supply my team, let them get their high
Just a puddle of my sins, prepare to take a dive
Feel the Bive x2

[Verse 2: Bios]
Even in 2025 hip hop spirit were gunna keep it alive
I'm in a old school basement
With a blue and white ghost wearing red and white stripes playing piano
I just hate it when you ask a girl if shes DTF and she just says no
Nah i'm just joking if you took everything out of my mouth serious you'd
Probably think i'm an old man trapped inside some kids body
Whose dead and rotting, probably loosing it
Probably going crazy
Nah i just like to relax and no that doesn't mean that i'm lazy
Alright, have two main dreams
Make it as a hip hop artist, but if that don't work out
Wanna get a good pain 95 find the love of my life
Who's beautiful and personality is pretty nice
But no girl wants to get with you if your an ugly
Learn from most these rappers only if your a somebody
Hopefully i can be a somebody cause i'm pretty big red chubby and ugly
Anyways i wanna couple kids, i really wanna be a dad
Cause i ain't never had a dad to show me how to be a man
As a kid used this hip hop shit as a guide line, only male influence in my life
Its funny how 2Pac gave me more advice in this crazy world than my own pops
Growing up in a house filled with women, i'm surprised i didn't turn out gay
Nothing wrong with that, its just not my thing
Thankfully i had a sis that kinda acted like a dude, the same one that taught me how to ride a bike
Came home one day took me outside and said put em up today
The day your gonna learn how to fight, go ahead sock me in the face
I'm cross faded, won't feel it anyways

[Outtro: Bios]
Alright, i'm just holding on
I wonder how long x2
Nothing but good vibes nothing but good times
Come and feel the Bive

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