Sincerely Collins - Light Work [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sincerely Collins
Album: Destroyer
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: Tony Choc

Tekst piosenki

Here's the deal, I'm the best there is, plain and simple, I mean, I wake up in the morning, I piss excellence

[Hook: Sincerely Collins]
Oh, I see they mad, I see they mad at me
The jealousy is such a tragedy
I got a feeling that they after me
Cause I'm it, boy, but I swear to God, this ain't shit, boy
It's just light work
It's just light work
Light work
Light work

[Verse 1: Sincerely Collins]
Uh, I feel like I hit the lotto, my hollow, the unsung hero, he know
Zero tolerance to the bullshit, niggas think they cool as shit, full of shit
Don't make me pull a trigger on him
They don't want a real nigga on him
Actually let me take that back
Cause it's always the fakest nigga in the room that be like
"Ayo, I'm a real nigga, man"
The fabric you come from is tragic
I'm not accustomed to the wackness
I'm a blood sucking savage
No loving marriage
Y'all niggas just fucking average
Grade A copycat [?]
They say Collins' shit is just different
This shit exactly what we been missing
This shit exactly what I envisioned
It's just light work, your shit might work or it might not
And these fuck boys, they gon' fall fast when they hype stop
And I know the dream, like it's ninety five, I'm Clyde Drexler, nigga
I got a bad bitch and I kill that pussy, like I'm Dexter, nigga
Yeah, that's me, that undersleeping underdog that's underpayed
But I be working everyday to get rid of these hunger pains
Freefalling, that's your career, just a freefall
See, my flow cold and my buzz hot, I'm on de-thaw

[Hook: Sincerely Collins]

[Verse 2: Rittz]
I might hurt some feelings but fuck it
Killin' the mic is light work
My rhymes for fight words
Suicide bomber when I’m on a cypher
You a Titanic, about to collide with an iceberg
If the sky is the limit, I’m supplying the fireworks
Grand finale and ain’t nobody smiling, I wipe smirks
Off of motherfuckers faces that be hating and I urge
My fans to do the same shit
Lame shit, talking, tell em they hardest rap ain’t fucking with my worst
Fuck following trends, I done decided to divert
Rappers blending in like Waldo inside of a striped shirt
Nothing standing out on the bottom, same old shit as the others
They make me sick to my stomach and I feel like I might purge
Meanwhile I’m fly as hell sitting on my perch
My Chrysler 300, we can just light purp
Got pulled over, searched, my girl threw the cigarillo
I was drinking Crown, she got a gin and limoncello
They let us go and didn’t find the Xanny bars
I had 100 of em in my underwear, I sell em for the L O
My homie robbed them off of Migos out in Monticello, had to pistol whip him, homie started swinging like Canelo Alvarez
I’m the best, unoppressed, competition don’t exist
People will tell you Johnny Valiant is out ahead spying
You talentless pile of shit, stylin' long hair hangin'
I don’t play no Bobby [?]
Rittz is back, serving these motherfuckers like I been in a tennis match
Diving inside a pool of money, come and swim a lap
I’m gonna multiply a bundle while you fend for scraps
Why you so tense? Relax, ho what you saying on your twitter man
Just making me think you want to hear the ginger snap
Swag rappers busy coming the through the vintage racks
I’m getting money and it gets them mad
But let me at em cause it’s light work

[Hook: Sincerely Collins]

[Verse 3: Jarren Benton]
Yeah, nigga this light work
I'm 'bout to go berzerk, make the mic hurt
Fuck the world, I don't like earth
This Mac-10 will put a hole in his white shirt
On some pimp shit, draped in white fur
I got a white ho that look like Pamela Anderson
She blow me in the back of an ambulance, bumping Marilyn Manson
I came from an era when niggas did crack n heroin
And up in the Netherlands, I get more head than Evelyn Lozada
I don't fuck with pigs, bitch I tell them I know nada
Hasta manana, I just wanna day to put my cock inside Rihanna
Been sleeping on the god all day, they in pajamas
Dodging these piranhas, party out in Ghana, smoking marijuana
I can feel em watching, know the enemies amongst us
I know I'm a monster, I just bought my son a Tonka
Truck, I still hit a bitch in front of his mama
Yeah, someone get him a Kit-Kat
Click clack, pat pat
Bitch nigga get back
Might slap a fag with my kids in Six Flags
Don't smoke blunts, bitch, I roll zig-zags
Loud ass colors in my kicks like RiFF RAFF
Fuck swag, come up in this bitch so mismatched
Fuck the police, get smacked, you get that?
Been at it all day, someone crack a six pack
Yeah, I don't like her, I one night her, and you wife her
A nigga paid in full like Mekhi Phifer
Shitting on these rappers, guess I'm gon need a diaper
On more pharmaceuticals than Pfizer
I know I need help can someone call Kaiser
This is Jacob's ladder, you motherfuckers don't matter
This vodka jab at my bladder, I'm bout to eat me a rapper
That's light work

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