Sketch (Of KOTF) - Hard Headed [tekst, tłumaczenie i interpretacja piosenki]

Wykonawca: Sketch (Of KOTF)
Gatunek: Rap
Producent: NewDerseyBeats
Tekst: Sketch (Of KOTF)

Tekst piosenki

Momma said I need to grow up
All I care about is making music hoping one nigga blow up
Damn I'm so hard headed (2x)

[Verse 1]

Writing every rhyme in the corner of the bedroom
Reciting every line in the mirror of the bathroom
Lookin at the xxl plan to be real soon
Just gotta get these music critics in tune
Homie giving me advice like don't ever sell out
Look how far you came when you have doubt
Stay up on your vision man watch how it pans out
If you never try you won't ever know how it turns out
My family sees a different route
Need to go back to school
Wanna work on music all night and then sleep till the mid afternoon
Boy you must be out your mind you dont pay a lick of rent
Got a job pockets full of lint
Take the trash out don't forget
They don't see the passion
They don't see the hustle
But they see the struggle
Can't pay my phone bill
Man shit is mad real
When I'm at work the only time I ever have a meal
The hunger for this rap shit is all a nigga ever feel
Aunt sending post cards money in the envelope
Just because I love you the only thing she ever wrote
Gotta get my shit together already know I won't
Because I'm hard headed always waiting last minute
My procrastination has no limit
Fear plays a big role in it
Failure in the future got a nigga feeling so damn timid


[Verse 2]

Tell me what's your plan A
Tell me you got a plan B
Tell me where you wanna go
Tell me what you wanna be
Not another wanna be
Every time I hear a track I just wanna ride the beat
Let it flow like water then flood the streets
Every night I lay between the sheets
And wonder what I could of been
If I never let these words hit the sheets
And left my dreams out of reach
And listen to everything these muthafuckas wanna preach
Im feeling stuck in solitude
Just a nigga with an attitude
Hey you tryna record my nigga nah I'm not in the mood
I'm going through life shit
Everyday life shit
So much going on around me I can't even write shit
Mom been out of work
Younger brother in jail
My girl said I've been jerk
Tryna make ends meet
Didn't get enough hours at my job so I missed all my l payment last week
But this is where my hearts at
Got my mind offset
Got me feeling upset
Tell myself I can't quit
Something gotta change dog and I'm talking real quick
Or I'm saying farewell
Think about music so much its fused with my brain cells
Everyday gotta make this shit crack like an eggshells
Everyday I gotta make sure that I excel
Every time I step to the mic all I hear in the background


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